A letter from a Chilean fan to the Chilean World Cup Squad

Claudio, Gary, Arturo, Edu. Please. We can't take it any longer. We don't want to die without having won anything ever. Without celebrating anything. A pair ofDusseldorf and a Esperanzas de Toulon. Everything is in your hands. Chile doesn't owe anyone anything. We tried lying in 89' and they killed 2 of our generations. We were granted the 2015 Copa América because Brazil didn't want it anymore. No one ever gives us anything. Every 25 years, an earthquake demolishes us. Every 25 years, a generation believes we can be the world champions. I've had my hopes up many times before, and now, I know there's a difference.
You guys are the difference. You're able to demonstrate that it's possible. Not only in football, but in life. I know football is not life or death, but I swear that death could be much sweeter with a Cup in the skinniest yet tallest trophy cabinet in the world. Let the world speak of us. Of the team that left out a Spain, a Brazil, a Fifa, a scam, the fears, the embarrassment, everything. If you guys can win the World Cup, a poor child can be a profesional. If you guys can defeat Brazil, a sedentary man can exercise. If you guys can beat the local team, the indecisive man can ask the love of his life to a date. You won't just raise a Cup, you'll raise a frustrated generation, shot, flattened, where constantly losing is a part of life, where not having what you want is the only thing we're assured at birth.
Charles, Marcelo, Keno, Alexis. Please, we can't any longer. We don't want to be moral champions, the player who had the most passes or the goalie who stopped the most shots. We love our anthem, it brings us joy, but we don't want to be the nation that best sung their anthem. That is a plus, a great plus, but we're in Brazil to compete, to win. You guys are 17 million, you are the joy of the failures, burned, destroyed, wet, broken, hungry, without finances.
Gato, Pipe, Mago, Huaso. I now treat you like one of us, because, you are one of us. It doesn't matter if you're from La U, Colo-Colo, UC or if you debuted in Italy before than in your country. Vidal, thanks for recovering so you could play with your team. Pinilla, thanks for asking for forgiveness and coming back to your team. Alexis, Thanks for all of the christmas gifts every year. Albornoz, thank you for learning the anthem and demonstrating that you are much more Chilean than others. Because of that, we'll always be proud. But this time, just this one time, we want to bring home the Cup. If you want, never do it again. This time we want to be World Champions. We want our struggles, the debt and saving of 4 years to go visit you in Brazil, to be worth it. Only the Cup is worth it. We've already lost against the Netherlands, we cannot lose anymore. The Cup is the only thing that matters.
We also allow you to think in yourselves and not only the entire country. Think about all of the players who have the title "World Champion" in their resumé. In the ones who helped Maradona in 86', Romario in 94', Zidane in 98' or Ronaldo in 2002. All of those are you guys. Those of the quiet work. Now they are all famous, known, and loved. They understood better than anyone, The Cup is the only thing that matters.
Jorge, Sebastián, Profe. This letter is for you and your players. I'm not writing to you in 98' or 2002. It was written in 2014 because this is the year we can do it. I've spent hours writing it, days creating it. Time in which I could rest or continue achieving small personal, quiet goals. One day I want to achieve a big one and in what I'm passionate about. You guys and only you guys can do it. Privileged and with all of history before you, let's begin Saturday. Please. We can't any longer. We don't want to die without having won anything ever. Without ever celebrating anything.

Players With The Key!

Forget STARS like Messi, Augero and Higuain.....these faces Fernando Gago and Angel Di Maria will be the main guys providing and controlling the game play in the central of the pitch alongside Mascherano. Gago has good vision of the game with excellent passing and "Angel" has found a fantastic new attacking role as a midfielder with Real Madrid. I think it suits him best! The trio upfront will need these fellows if they wanna get on the score sheet la!