"Mommy, your leg no more pain?"

Last week we decided to take the boys to a water theme park nearby....well not exactly but about 1.5 hours drive away. Ethan had a whale of a time as he had always loved water since baby. Like the 'Man from Atlantis' he just comes alive when in contact with water, even daily bathing is an event for him and Wyatt almost fell asleep in his float...exactly what we wanted for the boys to have absolute fun. "Mommy, your leg no more pain?" Ethan asked the mother when she followed him to the slides. I was in tears hearing that because only then I realized that it was the first time Ethan is seeing his mom doing a physical activity with him and it had bothered him so much though he didn't make a fuss out of it. He has always asked Jessi why she can't play with him, why she can't carry him like I do, why this why that.... never realized it left such an impact and question mark in him and that it has always been there. The glow and joy that I saw in his face was precious. Little children! We never know what goes in that little minds. No matter how close we think we are with them, we will always be surprised by how far they are ahead every time we see something new in them. on the other hand sometimes we may be too busy to realize what may bothers them too. I guess as parents we need to constantly and consciously remind ourselves about this, just when we think we are close with them and all is well, we need to get to know them again.  

Since her lung infection, Jessi don't get the joint pains anymore. Hence she's able to do some light physical activities these days. And in our last check up 2 weeks ago, the Dr gave her a clean bill of health - she's back to how she was before the attack, well almost. Dr warned us not take it for granted. We've come a long way. I guess now we need to continue to pray and manage it like how it has always been. We have come far in this journey and it wouldn't have been possible without your support, thoughts and most importantly your prayers. You know who you are:) Thank you for being there in your own way, in your silence. I may have never said it but really thank you and thank God for you!


Arul Irudayam said...

Every moment is to be treasured and your post is very true.

terence said...

Jake I have come to learn and understand that hugs and time alone with your kids should never stop. Until today I still hug Marissa and Daniel even though I may think that at their age it may be enough coz I know if I stop doing it I may end up writing on the blog 10 years down the road that I'd wish I did it. Since we have 4 kids, time alone with each Gwen and I are struggling with coz that is equally important to us and to me personally. Each time I get alone time with my kids amazing discoveries are made between child and father. I really love this part of growing up with the kids but alone time is very hard to come by when you have 4!! Enjoy the moments Jake, it won't be long when the kids grow up but you will remember them forever.

Chris Siah said...

We're so glad to hear that Jessi has been given a clean bill of health.