Panasonic Smart Viera ST60

I am quite particular about design of the TV so I have to admit that Samsung with their narrow bezel has one of the best but the ST60 have rave reviews. I am considering getting it for the house in Malacca. TV gurus like Terence and Chris pls give me some pointers.

Panasonic Smart VIERA ST60 Series review 


terence said...

macha....for me TV and Music Systems are a personal thinggy. I like a lot of treble and not so much bass for sound and for TV natural vividness in colour is the most important which is why i still prefer plasmas compared to LED as they offer the right specs to give you just that. Having said that the way TV has improved has made the images too CLEAR that the new age TV's produces images that look FAKE. It like watching it real life without the filters. As for brands, well i will always support a maker that has been longer in the business and with Pioneer ending their tv segment, I must say that Panasonic has raised the ante over the years. Since I couldn't afford my first pioneer plasma, I bought a toshiba (Colour and clarity was excellent). No complains till today but it has now been demoted for PS2 sessions.

Sorry back to your TC P50ST60. Arul note that the ST60 is the model, the "P50" that comes after that is how big your TV is. So the US997 is correct, I got mine for RM3200 at the beginning of this year. I wanted the P55 but apparently that model has been stopped but you can check again. I called the shop in Malacca for you and he said that the P60 is 6k plus but he does not carry that model just yet. Guess the prices in Singapore cannot run far either?

If you have limited your choice to plasmas then its easier. Got to the shop where there is a ST60 on display and compare it with a competitor(samsung). Trust me, you can see some difference. You may just get a Samsung coz the colours may appeal better to you. With that happy shopping.

Arul Irudayam said...

I settled for the F8000 series Samsung 55" la. While the review is great (price great also la) , the important aspects for me was Plex running natively and the Quad Core Processor because I intend to stream everything. I am also particular about the narrow bezel/design and that's the reason I went with Samsung. My old Samsung lasted till today , 8 years and counting.

I admit Plasma gives very good warm colours surely.

I am considering getting the Panasonic for Mcca than pass the old TV to my Sis but with a price tag like 6K can wait la since we hardly go back these days.