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Easiest way to download a Youtube video

I am compiling some videos to be screened for the PAG and to keep abreast of the most current youth music trends even watched the VMA where Miley Cyrus decided to give a performance which Billy Ray more than an achy breaky heart. The man probably had a straight up heart attack seeing the daughters antics.


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Sushi 101

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17 Types of Singaporean Couples

Panasonic Smart Viera ST60

I am quite particular about design of the TV so I have to admit that Samsung with their narrow bezel has one of the best but the ST60 have rave reviews. I am considering getting it for the house in Malacca. TV gurus like Terence and Chris pls give me some pointers.

Panasonic Smart VIERA ST60 Series review 

Welcoming Wyatt Josiah Das into The Family

Congrats to Jake and Jessie! I must say that it is nothing can replace that feeling of being a proud daddy and I felt it just now in Jake the man. Jessie looked great and strong too. And looking at a proud Grandma will never be an old story for me. God Bless!

Arul good job on the new layout. I like it a lot. Too bad Wyatt stole the limelight today or else it would have made headlines! Kudos. Having said that Wyatt made headlines on the new layout so its justified.