iPad Mini Retina Please


The Display On Google's New Nexus 7 Tablet Crushes The iPad Mini | Cult of Mac

1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro (80% faster than previous Nexus 7)

2GB of RAM

Bluetooth 4.0

4G LTE available in single U.S. Model


10 hours battery life with Wireless Charging

1920×1200 true HD

323ppi (world’s highest ppi for a tablet)

30% wider range of colors

Dual stereo speakers with Virtual Surround Sound from Fraunhofer

1.2MP front camera

5MP rear camera

16GB – $229 (32GB and 64GB also available)

2 mm thinner than original Nexus 7

Slimmer bezel and lighter

Runs Android 4.3

Launches July 30

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terence said...

Arul too bad there is no "like" icon for blogs. Yup this machine has twice the power of its predecessor but I must admit that my 1st gen nexus 7 has some charging issues which the a large group of the N7 also shares after the 4.2.2 firmware was released. Well I was told by asus to hantar balik for check-up as there are no quick fixes for this bug! Arul the current N7 also has a higher ppi over the mini(FYI la) So yes I think Christmas will see the intro of the much anticipated mini. Enjoy.