The tale of wicked Jack

Last night, I revisited the story of Jack and the beanstalk as a bedtime story for my boys. I just realised that this fairy tale is a gruesome glorification of theft and murder. If you can't remember, let me give you a synopsis. This Jack and his mother has one way to earn a living, it is by selling milk from the only cow that they owned. One fine day, the cow can't give milk anymore and they were forced to sell it. So Jack was tasked to go to the market and sell it. Before he got there, a crafty old dude con Jack with a few magic beans in exchange for the cow. The moron took it home to his mother and got some telling off. She threw the beans outside and it grew to a gigantic beanstalk that reached to the sky. So, Jack took a climb and reached a castle in the sky. There lived a giant who owned a goose that lay the golden egg and a magic harp. Once Jack saw the golden egg, he stole the eggs for him and his mother. Jack got greedy and tried to steal the goose and the harp. The harp made noise and the giant woke up and chased after Jack. He climbed down the beanstalk and called his mother for help. The mother chopped the beanstalk and killed the giant. And Jack and his mother lived happily ever after. 

Jack is a pesky little thief who is, obviously, not the sharpest tool in the shed. The poor peaceful giant is living happily in the sky with his goose and a harp to keep him happy until Jack came and took his possession from him. When he was found out, Jack did not own up and do the honourable thing but instead he tried to run away. The giant came after him, of course. He and his mother murdered the giant and ran away with his harp and goose. And this is the eerie part, he and his mother lived happily ever after. NO, not with a beautiful princess but his mother. It sounds really weird and dark, don't you think? The title of this story should be, "The gruesome murder of John, the gentle giant."

Seriously, this should not be children story. It has absolutely no good values in it. What do you think?


Arul Irudayam said...

Agreed. The Hollywood version paints Jack as more of a noble,smart hero. The kids enjoyed Jack The Giant Slayer.
The thing I take away from your post is that it's still a beautiful thing to read your children stories at bedtime.
Good on you Chris!
I can"t say I always do but these days I tell my children about my childhood. They have this idea now that we were so poor.I even tell them how their parents met. Faye is more interested in these stories than Luke la.

terence said...

Good insight Siah. A little different like both Arul and you, I sometimes will lie down with the 2 bigger ones and speak about their day, whats on their mind. By then they will have tons of questions coming. Thats when I loose it and say ok ok go sleep!

JD said...

E's used to stories in general not necessarily bedtime. He usually tricks us both to tell him a story each ... Sometimes I cheatla when am very tired. And yes Chris interestingly there are some stories which don't have good values for take three. Little pigs... Moral is typical survival instincts and kill the bad guy :) on another funnier note they teaches the kids to start kissing early... Not limited to princesses but frogs too ... Ha ha