Shrouded In Colours

Came back at 7pm to take Luke and Faye Irudayam for dinner only to find that the light rain and sun combination fabulously created this magnificent rainbow over our home. Very rarely have I seen one from end to end. God is indeed Great!

Arul your kids are all ok and my kids are just as excited to welcome them. They all got excited for about 30 seconds over the rainbow. When it sank in that they could do much with the rainbow....semua masuk rumah....we then left for dinner...!


Arul Irudayam said...

Just saw this TP. Luke obviously asking when he can go back to Daniel's place again. They enjoyed themselves a lot and thank you again for the hospitality.

Daphne is asking me when the exchange program can commence? I think Marrissa and Daniel should visit us here.

Melaka stay over also can what?

Arul Irudayam said...

Beautiful Rainbow!!!