Three year old prayer

'Jesus, bring 'Tata' back because no one to scold Elmo, cut grass outside, send me to school, take me to playground'


Arul Irudayam said...

So heartbreaking la. Some of the prayers Faye says about my mom every night has brought me to tears.I can imagine what this did to both of you esp Jesse. Stay strong.

JD said...

Remember Cosby's 'Children says the darnest things'... I guess children these days says some of the amazing things as well. It shows their innocence and childlikeness which is adorable most times. Recently he had bad tummy and wind... when asked why he said 'The fan blows wind, i eat wind, wind go my stomach, and come out prut prut(wind)' LOL.
On another note, dad is out of CCU to much of our relieve, still weak though but getting better by the day. Thank you all for being with us through prayers.