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A good article below. I shelved my intention to purchase a Synology NAS for the time being.As I'm currently using my MBP with a speedy SSD/ 27" Thunderbolt Display as my main home computer, I decided to turn my Mac Mini into a home server instead. Added a bigger HD in it,streams Plex like a champ to the iOS devices around the house & Plex on my Apple TV. Using the iOS app Downloader and Dropbox, I can add torrents to my Utorrent queue remotely.The mac app TVshows 2 downloads the TV shows you specify automatically as well making it easier for the kids to catch up on their Star Wars Clone Wars & Adventure Time.

Decided to put the funds for the Synology aside at least till we move to the new place  so that I can really get the one with Plex support.

A Beginner's Guide to Advanced Storage - Tested

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terence said...

Look like your Macs and Macs and Macs are pulling your resources together la. Anyway, I tried installing PLEX on my 4 year old Synology and it almost crashed. Like I mentioned the higher end models should work la. I'll wait for Mr Arul to give it a go. Alternatively, a new syno will be on the cards soon. Anyway Arul whatever works best for you should be okay.