Three year old prayer

'Jesus, bring 'Tata' back because no one to scold Elmo, cut grass outside, send me to school, take me to playground'


The photograph at the top is from the announcement of the new pope Benedict XVI back in 2005 while the second one is for Pope Francis.While we are connected, let us as a human race acknowledge our interdependence. 

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All About Storage

A good article below. I shelved my intention to purchase a Synology NAS for the time being.As I'm currently using my MBP with a speedy SSD/ 27" Thunderbolt Display as my main home computer, I decided to turn my Mac Mini into a home server instead. Added a bigger HD in it,streams Plex like a champ to the iOS devices around the house & Plex on my Apple TV. Using the iOS app Downloader and Dropbox, I can add torrents to my Utorrent queue remotely.The mac app TVshows 2 downloads the TV shows you specify automatically as well making it easier for the kids to catch up on their Star Wars Clone Wars & Adventure Time.

Decided to put the funds for the Synology aside at least till we move to the new place  so that I can really get the one with Plex support.

A Beginner's Guide to Advanced Storage - Tested

Lara evolved

This 2013 Oscar Winning Documentary Is Brilliant

Searching for Sugar Man Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Documentary HD

You have the power to give Life

"One child that I called was dying of cancer," he says. "Pooh called her, and she started to giggle. Her mother was in tears, just crying. She said that was the first time her daughter had smiled in six months."
- Jim Cummings ( voice of Winnie The Pooh)