Nexus Tujuh Mengkagumkan!

So I got this android device shortly after the Irudayam's left KL recently. The headline, well that's just to show you how BM can blow thing out of proportion.

Back to the device, after un-boxing it, I took out my credit card thinking that I had to use it in order to sign in HOWEVER unlike some branded tablets, it only needed my g mail account and I was already logged in. What amazed me was the tabled pulled all my google accounts associated with my g mail .....blogs, picasa, and event my office calendar of events was automatically in the tablet. That's because we are on the google server la.....I assume. Currently I am trying to find the time to test the device with google cloud, drive and print. I like these ideas with google has created to simplify having all in a device but I still like customizing my own cloud coz I like to see and listen what is dear to me! Hence the Synology which I am glad to know Chis also has is my best companion. Sorry itunes but I have Syno which lets me view and listen to whatever is on my little box at home from anywhere in the world!

Having both an ipad and android device, i must admit that the 2 devices has its pros and cons. For the android, I particularly like all the touch functions without having to press the HOME button which the ipad has. The android has only 2 buttons - ON/OFF and VOLUME.

Fluidity, well the ipad still rules despite android latest jellybean OS boasting of its buttery browsing experience. It's still smooth but apple still has the edge.

Don't really know about the ios6 but on the latest android, closing open or running apps is also one of my favourites. All you have to do is slide the open apps to the side or top and its closed. My ipad running on ios4 has to be done manually or I believe there is an app for closing apps!!! Yeah they have an app for everything it seems.

For me I just need the tab for quick browsing, on this not the 16GB doesn't come with Cellular so for those of you who wanna be ONLINE 24/7, please get another device or the ipad! When I travel I believe the free hotspots (at the airports) are sufficient. Locally, I have my mifi so cukup la tu! So yes its quick content search for me, check e mails and reply if its urgent (have the blackberry for that too). And yes I like to skype with the kids when I am away. On this note the cam is ONLY front facing. So for those avid pixman, please use your freaking DSLR for better pictures....iphone also can ma!

I also like the pull down menus on the top left corner - it becomes active when messages, updates or downloads are completed.

My favourite also is the google now app! It automatically detects where you are and prompts you to select - HOME or OFFICE. Once you have done that then the cards which you can select or delete will provide you on-the-spot info of your travel time home with some traffic info. Cards on sports allows you to select for instance Liverpool and info will be posted before, during and after the game.

Here's the deal - the Nexus 7 cost me RM840. We all know the mini price don't we!?

So yes me being the late adopter has finally bought a tab by myself. Mind you the ipad was given to me!

Ops looking at google now and its saying that I am going to take 1hr and 02mins to get home with heavy traffic on Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2!!!

That's all folks. Have a good weekend! FYI Google did not pay me anything to blog about this!!

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AI said...

Glad you like it and am glad the this gives consumers more choices that will result in good competition.Bawak turun so that I can check it out too.