iPad Mini

Apple makes another "magical" device. I am truly excited about the new iMacs, the design is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait for December cause I need to give myself a present. Hi!Hi!


terence said...

Been thinking of getting a smaller tab. Might just get this one!!

Chris Siah said...

Just bought the iMac not long ago before the launch. So that's not gonna be in my wish list for now. The mini looks interesting but I guess that's not gonna materialize anytime soon, or at least till the retina display comes out. The new iPad might be something in the list since I passed on iPad 2 and 3. I'm stilll not sure about the iPhone 5, but looks kinda likely. Will see when Maxis comes put with an offer. Anyway, the new skinny iPod Nano is quite a cool device, the wife gave me as an anniversary present for being adorable for the past 9 years and also to encourage me to do some running or jogging or something ancient like that. Ehehe :)