My Mother


Photo 3 Snapseed

Almost every night I dreamt about my mom for the past 2 months.I suppose since it's the main thing on my mind clearly my subconcious was playing it out in my sleep.On the morning before my mom took her final breath,I woke up with a dream where I can remember only 3 parts vividly.

I see my mom sitting in a large hall with her back to me. She looks very frail and is leaning against the last pillar.

Next, it's just like every time she takes the plane, she's on a wheelchair, I am holding her leg can't recall what I am saying.

Last, some one hands out a piece of paper with the words in tamil. "This is your ticket for your journey". Than, I see what looks like a rainbow of colors  zooming past me.

3 hours later I got the news from India. I have not dreamt of her since that day.

Obviously this is all a coincidence….maybe. I am a whole lot better now, because I can go through the day without crying and in some ways my mourning was done when she fell ill. There are moments in the day when I miss her so much but I take consolation in knowing that she is in a better place and she lives on in the hearts of those who loved her. She was not perfect but till the end she kept her faith as her fingers will move as if she's saying the rosary even till the last few days she had.She always asked about my close friends,Jacob,Terence & Ah Heng without fail and I felt it was only right that I share this with them.For anyone else reading this, please care for your parents or loved ones in their living years because we don't have forever.

(I took this picture when she visited us in April 2012 -Nativity Church)



That's the number Malaysia ranked in Transparency International 2011 Corruption Perception Index. Regardless the dispute of how this ranking is measured, the number still speaks volume. This has to improve drastically soon, otherwise our children will be living in a country that's bankrupt, not far from what Greece is in now.