I find solace in this St Augustine's Poem when I feel down

        "Love never disappears for death is a non-event.

I have merely retired to the room next door.

You and I are the same; what we were for each other, we still are.

Speak to me as you always have, do not use a different tone, do not be sad.

Continue to laugh at what made us laugh.

Smile and think of me.

Life means what it has always meant.

The link is not severed.

Why should I be out of your soul if I am out of your sight?

I will wait for you, I am not here, but just on the other side of this path.

You see, all is well."


Tech Lust

So the new Retina Display MBP makes my current  one  feel ancient. Btw, we are having a great time in Sheraton Langkawi but my parents in law are having even a better time with the booze being dirt cheap here la.

Retina Lust


Gave me more insights into the music of this legend. Importantly it gives you an idea of the Rasta ideology and for the longest time I have wanted to know what "Jah" meant. 36 years old when he died of cancer but left us with beautiful beautiful music. Try to watch this great documentary.