Weekend with the Jallehs

We had a wonderful time with the Jallehs and as usual Martin was a fabulous host. If you are ever in Ipoh, the Jallehs is a must visit. Beside their hospitality which is second to none, the time spent with them is invaluable.


terence said...

Ah Jake you finally visited the Jallehs. Looks like you guys had a great time and yes with great company as well.

Arul ....maybe you can pay Martin and fly a visit the next time you're at Robins'

Chris Siah said...

Jake, am sure u enjoyed the pork as well.

AI said...

Every time I think I can, something always pops up. Example I was there over a weekend and thought I could......than due to some machine malfunction we worked over the Saturday and Sunday.Oh well, probably the next time would ask Daphne and the kids to fly up when I am there, than we can as a family.

Check out the Char Siew from Overseas Restaurant opposite Excelsior Hotel. The BOMB.

~Jessica~ said...

Great time & company indeed.

Chris you are right....personally think that was the highlight of the trip to Ipoh besides catching up with the Jallehs for Jake...he!he!

Martin specifically bought this for him after finding out that he loves pork and there was char siew too(don't know how come he didnt up load that pic).

They actually had it for tea???

BTW, he asked about all of you and sent his regards :)