Melaka Straits Mosque

A beautiful building that I never knew was in Malacca until recently. I used a variable neutral density here and played around a little with the ISO and exposure times. The last one has an exposure of 29secs. When we arrived back from KL, the weather was holding up so I drove straight to shoot this. I am sure you can claim a brick from here too Chris....or not. Ha!Ha!



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Chris Siah said...

Cath showed a photo of this from an ad. I can't remember seeing it Melaka when we're growing up. Where exactly is this? Near Limbongan?

AI said...

It's in Pulau Melaka , drive through a bridge at Melaka Raya. 10 mins from my place. It's the only building "functioning" there because the rest looks abandoned or not completed.A lot of Muslim tourist do go there and there were 2 westerners with some expensive camera equipments while I was there too.

At sunset , I must admit that this building is beautiful.