iPad review

The display looks amazing, feels a little warm to hold which I think is due to the bigger battery.If you are a first time buyer or someone with the original iPad like me, this is worth the money.


Chris Siah said...

I was wondering if I should get this. Considering that there's 2 iPad at home. May be a bit too much for a household. Really can't resist getting a new gadget. Just got a new MacBook Air, so maybe I'll wait awhile.

AI said...

A tablet is all about the display and trust me this is by far the best display I have seen anywhere. For people into photography this will be handy.
A worthy purchase if first time and people with the original iPad la. I am hoping someone will be able to run Windows 8 on the original iPad and pass on the knowledge to the masses cause Windows 8 will rock on a touch device esp hardware built by Apple.