From Time to Eternity



From Time To Eternity


It's amazing how life unfolds.Who knew 20 years back that a picture of Jake walking through this little "lorong" will be on a thing called the Internet , viewed by people thousands of miles away.






When computing is kept simple it's elegant and iOS keeps everything so simple.

Hot New iPad

5 reasons why the new iPad runs hotter than the old ones | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

Yes it gets a little warm and doesn't get too warm in opinion.I suggest if it's a big issue than one shouldn't buy these from Apple.I am loving this retina display much that's all I can say.

iPad review

The display looks amazing, feels a little warm to hold which I think is due to the bigger battery.If you are a first time buyer or someone with the original iPad like me, this is worth the money.

Melaka Straits Mosque

A beautiful building that I never knew was in Malacca until recently. I used a variable neutral density here and played around a little with the ISO and exposure times. The last one has an exposure of 29secs. When we arrived back from KL, the weather was holding up so I drove straight to shoot this. I am sure you can claim a brick from here too Chris....or not. Ha!Ha!



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New Toy

Returned tired after a wonderful 10 days break with the family. Seeing this has arrived cheered me up a little.

The best camera is the one you have with you

The weather was not the best to capture this. We took the ramp or something (nicely done for once) to get from JW Marriot to KLCC.I  must admit that the Twin towers are magnificent and I think it's better than Marina Bay Sands actually. Although one is tax payers money while the other just made the Singapore government richer and put the iconic building on the world map in Singapore's credit la.


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The "New" iPad early reviews

Early Reviews



Khan academy free app

Great for school going kids and other news , I'm coming,I'm coming,I'm coming.


Khan academy for iPad


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Weekend with the Jallehs

We had a wonderful time with the Jallehs and as usual Martin was a fabulous host. If you are ever in Ipoh, the Jallehs is a must visit. Beside their hospitality which is second to none, the time spent with them is invaluable.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Easiest would be to install via Windows 7 USB tool and I personally think Windows 8 should be awesome on touch devices.


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Jazz in New Orleans

At this place, Musical Legends Park in New Orleans was quite cool. We sat outdoors at 20C enjoying Jazz. Brilliant!

Now, we're in Orlando.

Shine on me


While capturing this, it dawned upon me that every one of us get an annual free trip around the sun.Isn't that amazing?Think about it.



Thankful Heart

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Air plays video and audio via wifi but still choppy when playing FIFA 12. My opinion, not very useful for me.

True Stories

One is Inspirational and one is Sad.


This morning before i left for work , Faye got out of her bed just to give me a hug and told me that she loves me... and to have a great day at work. As a parent, these are the moments that you thank God that you are alive. Daughters are special cause they just know how to make you melt inside…without even trying.

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