Not too bad eh?

Okay, I am bragging a little here but this is just very encouraging. Flickrooster is basically a top 100 list  for Flickr and somehow with a  little luck as well, I made the list at #37. Time for an upgrade.Ha!Ha!


Screen Shot 2012 02 06 at 8 51 47 AM

CCleaner for OSX

CCleaner is my go to junk cleaner on my windows machine for years and finally they are porting it to Mac. Well, it's not playing nice on my 10.7.3 Lion but I bet they will roll out updates soon.Google for it.

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Million-dollar question over million-ringgit striker Safee

Here's a two dollar answer: He's got two million reasons why he should not give a rat's behind about FIFA's sanction for the league. He's a 28 yr old Malaysian footballer getting a huge sum for football. Shot himself in the foot? The Star must either be a fortune teller or thick as a plank.