Malaysian Road Practice (not in 'L' license syllabus)

I finally got the Microwave joke that Arul sent. Damn kau slow, these days! Must be age!

Anyway, just wanted to share with you some general observations on Malaysian traffic practice that I noticed since I started driving.

1. "Tree branch" - Malaysian drivers are quite a special breed, creative and errmm.. different. I noticed that there's an unwritten rule for symbols for hazard. Say, if your car has broken down in the middle of Federal Highway, all you need is a tree branch, instead of the hazard triangle. You'll be surprise how many people actually understand 'the branch' as the replacement for the hazard triangle. 'Kereta rosak' - Tree Branch! (Car manufacturers, take note, if you're selling cars in Malaysia, give a free tree branch or create the triangle with branch logo on it.)
2. "Empty container" - Another interesting symbol is an empty Shell Helix container (or any similar plastic container) on top of a car. This means that the car is for sale. :-)
3. "The other traffic light" - If you notice when you are at the traffic light on red, most Malaysian's don't look at the traffic light that is directly in front them. They always look at other people's traffic light, 'yellow' for others means that we can go.
4. "Automatic Audio Green Light indicator" - Don't bother looking at the traffic light when you're waiting for it to turn green. There's an automatic audio indicator in Malaysia. When it turns green, you will hear the 'honk'. Funny thing is, the Malaysian govt need not invest in hi-tech audio indicators (differently-abled friendly). There's always a volunteer to 'honk'. 9 out of 10 times, the 'honk' activates immediately after the traffic light turns green. Talk about automation.
5. "Cross-Road Traffic Light Bypass" - Faster way to turn right when the traffic light is red on a cross-road junction. Turn left, then make a U turn, go straight.

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