Alone in a crowdSave meAching silence magnifies my sadnessThe wedding singer sings the bluesDeliciously ElegantHome is where you can scratch where it itches.


Chris Siah said...

I think a beautiful photo is not only the subject matter or how it was taken. It has to do with how much emotion it stirs up and how the photo isolates that emotion. The difference between an old photo of the family or situation which gives a nostalgic feeling and a beautiful artistic photo of life, in general, is that the ability of the photographer to capture a subject from a perspective. For example, the first photo of the leaves - transported me back to the days in the kampung and remind me of the smell of freshness. I like the contrast of the colours - beautiful! Excellent Arul! Glad that you are enjoying your hobby!

terence said...

Siah you got that spot on. Arul guess the cat reminds me of a dear one! Keep it up and if I were you I'd hurry with that macro lens!