August 2011

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~Jessica~ said...

Arul, i must say that you are getting really good with your's awesome!!

Chris Siah said...

You know you're getting there if your name is on the shot. Excellent pics Arul!

AI said...

Eh, jangan. Saya budak baru belajar la.Still rocking my cheap 50mm 1.8 and the lens Terence donated to me.

Waiting for the right time to tell the home minister I want the Canon 2.8...ha!ha!Seriously though, the more I take the more I learn. Trust me , 90% of my pics are still crap.

Jesse you are getting some good results too I see.Chris, itu camera sudah ada fungus ka?I know you got some mad skillz so show it. Terence 600D bila?

terence said...

Arul, saw the latest posting of issit Faye and your sis praying??? That I like just like the bird shot with the bokeh effects (God only knows where that term came from).

550D - Ya Siah, been a while since I saw that machine!

600D sudah beli... but finding the time to take. Most of the shots are of the kiddo as I am with them during ALL of my free time. Well the cam is for me to keep memories of them anyways. Was going thru some of the old shots I took with the SLR before the "D" came along.... BOY those days were hard as we needed to print in order to look at the mistakes and improve.

Chris Siah said...

Guys, haven't had the time to take pics. Been really busy adjusting to work and studies, and on top of that, the virus is not really helping. Saya punya sudah simpan for awhile... You know how it is, it's in the gene. Will try to get back to get back on stride after finishing 3 more assignments... sigh :(