Jonah Baptized

Last weekend Jonah's Godfather (Lawrence) and I attended a baptism briefing( now required ). First the baptism was scheduled for 4th Sep but when Fr Michael said that there was one on the same weekend of the briefing, we managed to get the small one baptized on the same weekend at St Peter's. Let's all continue to pray for our little ones. Sorry for the long absence on the blog. Whole family sick, still sick some of them and sore eyes for me some time back plus the small one is quite a handful - BOYS!

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AI said...

Great and am sure you must have pounced on the opportunity.

Handful huh? I can imagine la.Will be back this coming weekend and next as well to send my mom back to Melaka.Let me know if anyone is around as well.The Das family sudah pulang ka dari Perth?