Guys, I was gifted with an iPad yesterday(from one of my suppliers). Well Arul your Godson is a happy puppy la. Proceeded to jailbreak and everything was ok until today. Getting this "API Unavailable" when browsing for apps. Did perform some quick fixes after some research but thought I check with the GURUs - Chris and Arul. Its running 4.3.3!! Pls help the poor. Note also that sometimes it works la. I mean getting to load the app pages.

Jonah Scully

Guys. Created a simple slide video. Pix from the 600D. Baptism pix credit belongs to my bro's 60D. Cheers


UCI MTB World Championships DHI 2011 Champery Switzerland Danny Hart RUN

Jonah Baptized

Last weekend Jonah's Godfather (Lawrence) and I attended a baptism briefing( now required ). First the baptism was scheduled for 4th Sep but when Fr Michael said that there was one on the same weekend of the briefing, we managed to get the small one baptized on the same weekend at St Peter's. Let's all continue to pray for our little ones. Sorry for the long absence on the blog. Whole family sick, still sick some of them and sore eyes for me some time back plus the small one is quite a handful - BOYS!