Kung Fu Football

Watch the guy who started it.

I find this both amusing and cool at the same time

OSX Lion


Apple's new operating software is USD29, no matter how many copies you install.The upgrade on both my Mac Mini & Macbook Pro went smooth. About 30 mins from download to complete install.They have streamlined the OS to have a more of a iOS feel.I am still trying to get use to the new stuff but so far I like it.You can find more hidden features here.

Goodbye, my friend, Leslie!

I'm totally speechless when I heard the news.
His magnificent deeds with his animals will be echoed for generations. No doubt.
I will remember him forever, NOT as my friend's father.
But as My Friend.
My Friend, Leslie.
I truly believed if I was born 50 years earlier, we would have shared a deep interest.
I'm sure we would have adored and admired each other's talent and passion.
I'm sure we would've been best friends.
I only, really got to know him when we spent many hours chatting in a hospital.
His stories really brought me back to the years that he lived.
In that, he gave me wisdom beyond my age.
I remembered one of the evenings, we were at IJN, Leslie introduced me to the doctor;
He did not say that this is my son's friend.
He introduced me "This is My friend, Christopher"
I'm thankful.
Thankful for the fact that he lived a great life with a great legacy.
Thankful that God called him home.
Most of all, I'm thankful for My friend, Leslie!

Farewell. We'll meet again!

(Tribute to Leslie Scully)

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