Brains behind it is....


When The Lights Go Down

This was what happened at the EMERGENCY ward in Malacca GH recently when I checked my dad in for an operation. Yes the light went off for a good 20 minutes to half hour. Imagine the patients on the critical list with life support. I saw doctors with torch-lights examining the patients. The aircond was strangely on though! So whatever the case - Malaysia Boleh! Anyway thanks guys for praying for my dad as he has done his operation - a stoma or ileostomy whereby he can pass waste outside his body. As you also know the tumor at the bottom end of his rectum is causing all this complications. So for now, a biopsy to determine if the tumor is cancerous will be done. He is resting in hospital and is weak due to the many weeks of not being able to eat. Firing only on one kidney and with HAP C, are some other health conditions which made the op risky(according to the doctors). So if you can ...continue to lift him up. Thanks guys.

You capture what's close to your heart

IMG_1910 copy.jpgIMG_1939 copy.jpg

It was Sports Day for the kids in school.Leaves were taken and like all the other parents present,tried our best to capture the moment as time zips by.To see your kids face light up when they see you present and cheer for them..... you can't describe it in words.


Tsunami stories

Marina Sands at night
Marina Sands looks like some alien mothership and best part , not built with the tax dollars of the people.

Pizza box laptop

Linux too.

Thin red yummy line


I shot this with the lens Terence gave me. 90mm, natural light in our kitchen...all I did here is to vignette the edges a little. About 5 of my pics on Flickr has made it to Flickr Explore but this one was the highest ranked #32.

Just wanted TP to know that it's being used well. Ha!Ha!


If your laptop ever get stolen. This may come in handy!


Man recovers stolen MBP

First Touch Soccer

From the makers of X2 Football (my fav iOS game) this is First Touch Soccer. I find it to be really good.Btw, the screenshot from the game here defines Arsenal's season.Jokers!
Btw, congratulations to Jake's team on another title , even beating Liverpool's all time record. Nurse your wounds with some Carlsberg Suresh.

I Love Obama

President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner