Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colours appear.

Downloading a Youtube vid in Safari

In Safari, there's an easy way to download YouTube videos. Open the Youtube page with said Video and press Command-Option-A, which shows the Activity window. If you're also loading other sites, you'll see a list of them: scroll until you find the YouTube page and click on the arrow to show details about what is being loaded.

The file larger than 2MB when clicked will be downloaded to Finder. Now just change the extension to .flv and you can play it with VLC. Well, it's handy esp for me when I need to use such song like the one Chris just introduced.

Happy Easter everyone!

Just wanted to share this song with you that moved me to bits. Incidentally, both my sons really likes the song by this group/one man band "Owl City" called "Fireflies". I was pleasantly surprise that he sang this number which is so appropriate for this Easter.

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Blessed Easter!

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Stages Of Procrastination


Taking Pics with the iPad 2



Home Surveillance Test

Found this interesting and simple home surveillance solution. Works with your standard usb webcam on your windows PC. Access from anywhere on your iphone/ipad and android.

Among the features include start/stop video recording, software motion sensor, email alerts with images and viewing multiple cameras from the iphone and ipad. The ipad app cost USD7.99 in the appstore. Although, that may be expensive to some but compared to the high end iRA Pro which cost USD899 on the appstore, this is peanuts.

The difference is that iRA Pro and others allow access to IP Camera, the AtHome software allows access to standard usb camera. If you do not have a big house and do not need really HD surveillance and recording, it works. No panning or tilting or any things like that. Just point a webcam to the location you want to monitor, turn the system on and you have access via mobile. This is a relatively cheap solution if you already have the devices and a webcam lying around doing nothing. There's probably a workaround using Skype, I must say. Better than skype, with this you can monitor 4 cameras at a go.

AtHome Video Streaming

Parallels 6

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Running Windows 7 on a Mac side by side has never been easier with Parallels 6. In the "Coherence Mode" W7 works like an App within OSX. Of course you can use Bootcamp to dual boot W7 but it can be a pain especially if you are like me toggling between W7 and OSX all the time.

Persistence Hunting

Human Mammal, Human Hunter - Attenborough - Life of Mammals - BBC

Getting Rid of Sensor Dust in a DSLR



The Linux is fast and impressive! However, I think there is some installations and networking issues that still could be better. Maybe, it's because I'm a Noob at this and still takes time to get it working optimally to my liking. So far, I've tried the Ubuntu on 3 machines: on an old IBM Z60m, on the Sony Vaio TX56 and on the IBM System x3200 server. On the server was a challenge, setting up the networking such as sharing printer, storage network etc is quite complicated. Hence, I put that project on hold because it took too much of my limited time, so I reverted to Windows at the moment.

Anyhow, I've been testing out XBMC on the Vaio. It is a free media center that runs on multiple platforms. I got that working on the Vaio, with VGA output to the TV and standard audio output. I must say that I'm quite impressed with it. The installation was easy enough with command line but there was some challenge with adding new skins. I hooked it up and demoed it to Cath and the kids, watched 1080p "Despicable Me" with the family and it ran beautifully. Of course, since it was using the VGA and stereo, we didn't get to enjoy the full feature of the movie.

But what was more impressive was using the iPhone, iPad and HTC Wildfire as a remote control for the XBMC. I could view my collection of movies and its reviews from the iPhone/iPad, launched and play directly on the TV. FF and RW was very simple and responsive. All other buttons worked perfectly except for the gestures (swipe to control the XBMC etc). I'm testing several controllers to see which is the best. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the experiment.

My next project is to build a HTPC with HDMI and SPDIF output, if I can get around to it. But for now, back to my revision as I've got an exam upcoming!



Will work be the last thing on your mind when you are on your death bed?


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Experimenting with my coffee & camera

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Now focus on the cup f/1.8 crank up to ISO 3200....not too bad for a 2nd shot.

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I took this pic sometime back but looking at it again stirred up a lot of emotion within me. As parents now we see things we weren't fully able to comprehend before as a child and the littlest thing brings renewed meaning.

Internet Ah Moi

Love this ad. The guy plays the character so well. Usually aired during EPL games.