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The neighborhood gang

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I am happy to say that even in modern Singapore, there seem to be a tinge of the same "Kampung" spirit in the evening when the kids come out to play.This is a daily routine for my kids, especially Luke as the kid in the striped red t-shirt is his classmate and will come looking for him.

Jamie Foxx Stand-Up

The humble Casio in Pink

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I spotted this Casio aka The Scully Timepiece in the pasar malam in Ipoh.Looks like Terence is more hip than we think.

Firefox 4


Diigo - Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes, Online Bookmarking and Annotation, Personal Learning Network.

Diigo - Web Highlighter and Sticky Notes, Online Bookmarking and Annotation, Personal Learning Network.

I found this to be very interesting, especially when I do research for my coursework. This app can be extended to Google Chrome or Firefox etc, and you can then create notes, bookmarks, highlights and so on for consumption later on, when you log in to Diigo using any computer. You can also use this with iPhone, iPad and Android.

Synergy and Ubuntu

Finally, I got the networking done between my Linux and Win 7.  Incidentally, the Vaio has a problem with the keyboard and I had to use an external mouse and keyboard. While I was trying to fix two laptops at the same time, I wondered if there was a software where I could control the other laptop with one keyboard and mouse. And I found it in "The Synergy Project". This is very interesting as you could control between two or more computers from different operating system with one keyboard and mouse. So I set up the Vaio to use my Z60m's input. Normally, when I need to copy text from one laptop to another, I'll do it by either sending an email or drop it in dropbox or send via IM (Jabber). With Synergy, I can copy the text from one laptop to another by just "copy and paste" as you would when operating within different apps in the same laptop. Amazing!

On another note, I find that the Linux Mint's "Software Manager" is way much simpler and faster compared to "Ubuntu Software Center". The Operating System is really quite an impressive piece of work. I like the fact that we need not install Antivirus or other security stuff  like we do in Windows which slows down the system tremendously. Chromium is one of the fastest browser I've ever used and I like it. The use of the terminal can be a bit 'old fashion' but I must say that it really makes me feel like a techie when I use the command prompt. So far... enjoying it!

Ipoh Mali

Football on a floating village

TMB Panyee FC short film

Don't do this to your dog

If you buy this, I hate you.

UU: Unifee & Ubuntu 10.10

So we got our 5MB broadband finally. The installer from TM came over to our place and installed the 'Unifee' on Friday. Took about slightly less than an hour, the bloke seemed to have a bit of experience, so he went on to work quickly. Apart from the attaching the wrong telephone cable to the phone, everything went relatively well. He didn't really showed anything like he did with Terence for IPTV channels - so no pay per view preview for us. Nothing significant happened until later part in the evening after I shut off the modem and toy-like bright orange/white Dlink router, and turned it on again - bam, no connection. I was disappointed but was not surprised. So we called TM and got them to support. So that they reset the system, and told us to call back the next day. I turned off the darn thing and after about an hour, decided to try and voila! it's up again. The download speed is erratic but not bad - about 2.5MBPS to 4.5MBPS, more often than not, the upload speed is higher than the download. On another note, Arul has been talking about Ubuntu for a few years now and I've been wanting to try it. So I decided to try Ubuntu OS after, misplacing my Windows OS CD to reinstall my old Lenovo Thinkpad Z60M. So I downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 and installed it. The download was relatively fast, the installation was simple. After installation, my old laptop worked perfectly. So I'll let you know some time later, if I could get used to this. Oh yeah, while I'm at it, I've also downloaded the Linux Mint 10 (in about 45 mins using Unifi, 831MB - Not entirely fast, but acceptable) just now and I'm about to test that one out. Will let you know once I evaluated for a period of time.



Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind


Photography resources

The 50mm f/1.4 is a much sharper lens and Chris, you should go for it if you are planning on a portrait prime lens. For me, after using the 1.8 which is quite cheap,I definitely will consider the 1.4 in the near future.I tried out the Tamaron 17-50mm f/2.8 and must say the pictures did not blow me away. The wide shots were impressive but the rest was just ok.Saying that, for the price it's not too bad and may just pick it up as it's essential to have an all rounder lens when traveling and I am not one to carry a lot of stuff around.The non-VC is S$630 after GST here and that's the best price so far.

For now, I purchased the Raynox 250 about S$130, a macro adapter so going to play with that for awhile.I like mainly, portraits,details and macro.Ultimately, as I told Terence, you photograph what's close to your heart and that would be my family.
Chris the link is below and it's a popular place for both pro and amateurs alike.It gives you an indication of the prices for both new and second hand items. The forum is also full of stuffs that you can learn from others.

Buy/Sell: Canon Equipment

How fragile we are


JUNK Food!

It's hard to tell your kids that they cannot eat JUNK when the parents themselves gobble down chips and crackers from time to time. My personal favourite is the RUFFLES potato chips. We try to control a lot of these by have a time called JUNK Day.....but pls it's not having Junk 24/7 la. Guys remember the "Ding Dang dengan gasing adjaib!" in the pix la. The Junk in the pix was given to Marissa as a party pack from someone in Sunday School celebrating her b'day! Happy eating JUNK..... occasionally!

Sunday School

Unlike our time, we had Catechism on Friday morning and brother Harold was quite a teacher not to mentioned Bro Paul. However now Sunday school for the kids have evolved. Daniel today made a cross with LENT just kicking in. As in the pix, the LENT is missing and the word JESUS has been accidentally removed as it was written with chalk!