Hotel Robin Ipoh

I accidentally found this place when all the other hotels were fully booked.The standard room seen here is RM50 a day, a steal actually.The only annoyance would be the late night karaoke singing from the outlets around this place.For those interested, there's a joint next door called Robin Spa that offers all kind of "services". Few doors down there are various pubs and eating outlets.You must try the Fishball noodle in the coffee shop around the corner but waiting time is on an average 20mins.
My Japanese colleagues love the "pasar malam" selling LV bags to Rolex watches. "Yasui ne and Yukiri  is the word I hear all day long from these guys". Translates to very cheap and slowly as they want me to walk slower.
Almost all stalls are owned by non-chinese now so raids are uncommon.(I think owner is owned by some Chinese guy la)

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JD said...

IMHO I find you can exceptionally good food at only 3 cities in Malaysia - Penang, Ipoh and Melaka of course. Will be visiting Martin some time this year... waiting for his confirmation - plan to whack some good food during that trip.