Times are a changing

This shot reminded me of that Dreamworks logo, the one with the boy fishing on the moon except this boy was on the iPad.Kids would rather stay indoors now with all the entertainment and that is why we make sure they get out to play everyday.

Moral Compass

Thank God for Technology

I installed a wireless camera that I can view from my iPad and iPhone 2 weeks back.Daphne requested that I install one just in case since we have a domestic helper with us now.The camera works really well so far and I can pan and tilt the camera from my iOS devices via 3G or wifi from anywhere. The bonus for me, i get to see the family when I am away. Seen here in the screenshot, Daphne is teaching the kids chinese as it's the one subject they are really struggling especially Luke.

Hotel Robin Ipoh

I accidentally found this place when all the other hotels were fully booked.The standard room seen here is RM50 a day, a steal actually.The only annoyance would be the late night karaoke singing from the outlets around this place.For those interested, there's a joint next door called Robin Spa that offers all kind of "services". Few doors down there are various pubs and eating outlets.You must try the Fishball noodle in the coffee shop around the corner but waiting time is on an average 20mins.
My Japanese colleagues love the "pasar malam" selling LV bags to Rolex watches. "Yasui ne and Yukiri  is the word I hear all day long from these guys". Translates to very cheap and slowly as they want me to walk slower.
Almost all stalls are owned by non-chinese now so raids are uncommon.(I think owner is owned by some Chinese guy la)

All my working life

Never thought I will be wearing this all my working life. Do you remember our 1st day Jake?


Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros Acoustic Cover (Jorge & Alexa Narvaez)


How to Plant Ideas in Someone's Mind

Wives around the world have been doing this for years to their husbands.
Btw,have been in Ipoh the past 1 week and will be for the next.Then off we go to India!