Jimi Hendrix

Check out this documentary on Jimi Hendrix over at BBC. Yup, just search for the torrent.Interesting and Chris would love it I think.

Limbongan BURGER

Remember the night burger hang out? Sadly the coastal roads have become a reality and there goes the sea front ! Eating burger during the Christmas season was really great coupled with the cool breeze... I wonder where the on-arm burger boss vanished too?

Facetime Surveillance

Sleep Cycle App

Interesting. You place your phone next to you and the accelerometer in the phone tracks your movement while sleeping.Gives you data on your sleep and from the restless sleep I had last night (My 1st night in every hotel is a ritual toss and turn)  the statistics is rather accurate.

Think about it

You are the average of the 5 person you spend the most time with.


This free App is great.



When I see the kids back home via Tango with my iPhone 4, usually the whole family stands in front of the mirror.This could be helpful for Daphne till she gets her iPhone 4.

When I was drunk



Just arrived in Ipoh again and have to say this again. Feels like I stepped back in time and love the old buildings.

I knew it


Monopoly 2010?

Been playing monopoly with the kids and Daphne pointed out the credit card version at the mall. Think we will stick to our old set , Faye loves the pink 500 bills anyway.

How to Jailbreak Apple TV


Nice read

Bering in Mind: Being Suicidal: What it feels like to want to kill yourself
And, as I mentioned at the start, always remember: You’re going to die soon enough anyway; even if it’s a hundred years from now, that’s still the blink of a cosmic eye. In the meantime, live like a scientist—even a controversial one with only an ally or two in all the world—and treat life as a grand experiment, blood, sweat, tears and all.

Apple killed the CD


Something tells me, this will be a trend.

Ipoh Mali

I was away in Ipoh for 10 days then went home for the weekend and am back again to this old town once again today. Arrived on Firefly and must say it was not bad at all. I will certainly take it again and like Terence said, it may glide into the jungle or the sea when the engine fails.My usual half day journey that starts at 6am in the morning when I fly into Penang to get to Ipoh took me about 3 hrs in total from home to Ipoh.

The one thing I love about Ipoh apart from the excellent coffee is the presence of a lot of old buildings.It's like I stepped into the 60's or something and I love staying in the old town area. The KL folks should certainly drop by this place for a laid back , do nothing but eat holiday.

Limera1n Jailbreak iPhone 4

Jailbreak iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, 3GS with Limera1n [How to Video Guide] | Redmond Pie

Note: From personal experience, tried it but failed several times but with iTunes open on the background and a re-boot after Cydia install was necessary.


HomePipe Networks

If you love Dropbox, you'd love this even more. Works very well even using 3G. MP3 buffering took about 15secs but docs and image files opens almost instantly. On WIFI this thing was really fast.


In fact, some has excellent service...

I tend to agree w Jake that most industries suffers from a lack of service oriented culture. I remember those days, when I was working in Chili's, although all of us are trained to serve and a culture of service, most of us are selective in providing those service. We tend to serve the "Mat Salleh's" better than the local Malaysians, because generally, the locals do not believe in tipping, demands a lot and shows less appreciation towards the food servers. IMHO, good service would be better encouraged if customers like ourselves shows genuine appreciation for service workers and practice giving tips to encourage good service (well, not to everyone). It's good for the economy and for the soul - if you have change. I'm not saying all Malaysians do not give tips, some do and substantial as well. What I noticed is that a majority of Malaysians will leave spare change and the Mat Sallehs will fork out from their wallets to give tips. I'm not saying that service should be motivated by the size of the wallet and not the heart, but a little gesture goes a long way. Simple courtesy would help a lot to encourage service orientation, maybe a simple good morning, thank you, a smile, affirmation - if you think that they have done well. 9 out of 10 times when my overtly social son, Julian says Thank You to any one who hold the lift for us (if they do), most do not know how to respond.

Anyhow, the folks at Maxis TTDI provide excellent service today (his name was Mizi) by giving me a call early and prepared all the necessary stuff so that I need not queue. Mizi gave me a time to come over and I went over, signed a few documents, chit-chat, say a hearty thanks, and finally, joined the iPhone 4 craze.

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