Not all service center are created equal...

So... I got my Captiva back. I didn't get it back perfectly, but importantly, we got it back. When I was studying 'marketing' back in a day, we learnt about "satisfying customer requirements" at a profit. 10 years later, the definition of marketing has not changed much but in today's world, the word 'to satisfy' probably amplified to "to delight" the customer to achieve profits for business. Certainly, I'm not really "delighted" on my car service performed by our local service center appointed by a US based automotive company, Chevrolet, nowhere near "satisfied". The father of marketing, Philip Kotler would have choked on disappointment of his country-men's approach to the marketing definition.

Talking about choked, the iPhone4 was just recently launched, one of my colleagues went to a DiGi shop yesterday to buy an iPhone4 and relayed to me a most bizarre story. He was there waiting and told to come back "an hour later", he went there again later and was told the same thing - for several times. Well, he, of course complained after being deferred a few times, the salesgirl went berserk and took a pair of scissors and stabbed herself on her arms - blood started gushing out. He got the iPhone4 at last at KLCC, but at the expense of the salesgirl's blood splashing at his brand new iPhone4 and on himself. He has got a receipt full of blood to prove the incident. Apparently, she 'tripped' because of selling Steve Job's latest iPhone4 at DiGi, from what I hear, close to 400 units yesterday. That was a bit scary... Or was it a new sales strategy....?

Anyway, our Captiva came back with a layer of dust and oil on the car after the repair. Although, it was repaired (to a certain extent), because the car was so filthy, I felt so dissatisfied and disgusted with the level of service from Cergazam, who was supposed to be Chevrolet's anchor service center. We had a couple of brands of cars, comparing their level of service, we can certainly find a huge gap of service level between the various centers. I remember when we had our Hyundai Accent, Kah Bintang did a relatively good job with their service and added their value add by washing the car before giving it to us. It gave us the perception that they actually took care of the car. Perodua took one further step by calling us a few days after the service to ask us if there was any problems and whether we are happy with their service. I personally think that is a big step forward which Kotler himself might have felt a bit of pride to have expounded his theory in marketing. Cergazam, on the other hand, was nowhere near satisfying customer requirements, making customer like myself, thinking twice about going back there. Although, their knowledge about the product was good, but their portrayal of service for customer satisfaction was 'poor' at best. Slow, shabby and sloppy (3s) could best describe them, although they said that since Naza took over the distribution from Hicom, the spare parts has been too slow for the likings of the customers. Ya sure, I'm absolutely pissed with Naza as well, but can't Cergazam provide better value add by, say, providing 'loaner' cars when the car is in repair or how about a courtesy wash for the car to at least they demonstrate they care about their customer's possession. That small gesture will go along way.

Shame! It would absolutely be inviting for any company, foreign or local, to up their level of service and gain all the businesses that these sloppy companies will eventually lose.

AFTA is coming guys! With the car price, eventually getting tax free - the only way differentiate yourselves is service. If you don't buck up, there will be companies that will compete more aggressively and win your business!

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How True

Education for everyone

One week on taxi

My beloved Captiva was admitted in the 'hospital' for a week due to a faulty air pressure sensor. Because of that, the car was 'coughing' and spewing black smoke. It was very frustrating without a car here in KL and the service center was not exactly the most efficient, but I'll keep that story for another entry. So I had to depend on the taxi men and my colleague to drive me anywhere. The good thing is that I get to speak to a lot of cab drivers and see life from their perspective.

I remember when we were younger, in the leadership camp that we used to attend, we had a project of outreach in the bus stands and 'interview' youths in the streets. At that time, it really opened my eyes and learnt to see life from another person's view just by having a conversation with them. Empathy was the word, if I'm not mistaken. Applying that lesson in the past that we learnt in the past week made me understand a little bit more on the life of a taxi men.

Here's what I learnt:
1. Code of Conduct: There's actually some rules that taxi men are supposed to follow when they receive a call either from Public Cab, Comfort or others. Apparently, when they take on an ad-hoc reservation, they will need to be on the same track to the pick up destination and be responsible in obeying the traffic rules. This means that other taxi men on a the opposite road for example cannot make an illegal 'u' turn or break the red light to get to the customer first. This actually goes against their code of conduct. Interesting? But that doesn't stop them from doing it especially if there are calls for customers to the airport.

2. Airport Calls: Most of the taxi drivers goes absolutely berserk when there are airport calls. This is because that with one trip to KLIA from PJ/KL, they are able to pay for their rental of the taxi. If they get one, it means that for the rest of the day they can take it easy and make more profit margins, said a cab driver. It's even better if it's to LCCT. "Kalau Encik talipon teksi ke airport, tak payah tunggu punya. 5 minit saja, teksi sudah sampai. Kadang-kadang ada dua, tiga teksi pun nak ambik." That's why sometimes to nearby places, we need to wait a longer time.

3. Time is money: If the customers takes a long time to arrive at the pick up point, normally, a taxi driver will get fairly upset. The longer they wait, it means higher oppty cost for them. I have waited a couple of occasion, more than half hour before getting a cab. As a result, in my next call, I planned ahead and called Comfort, while I'm still upstairs in my flat. When I got down, Comfort called me to express their frustration that the taxi has been waiting a long time. Probably in between that 5 mins to the pick up point, there was a call in to the airport and he was trying to catch his 'rezeki'.

There was also several interesting conversation I had with them surrounding politics, race and others which I will share more when I see you guys.

Have a good weekend guys. Incidentally, I'm trying for the first time to blog from my iPad.

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Inception Timeline

Nice Inception poster at Deviantart.Daphne and me managed to catch the last screening of Inception when the kids were back in Melaka for the school holidays.Movies that make you think even after it ends are simply awesome.All the way home at 1am, we were debating about our theories.
Inception Infographic by *dehahs

Fuze Meeting

Flipboard - Super App!

I've been using this app in ipad called Flipboard (introduced by Arul, TQ) and I must say that it is an excellent piece of work.

The presentation format and animation is very pleasing. Recently, with the update, it allows us to add sections to another additional page. I find that browsing using safari is good but for all my needs but with the Flipboard, it is more visually appealing and current.

Although using an RSS feed is a form to keep updated on the latest developments on the sites that you follow, with Flipboard, you can add tweets and facebook to a nice magazine style outlook for your reading pleaseure.

Like in the image, I've also added tehtarik@MadrasCafe using twitterfeed to my latent twitter and feed it to the flipboard, together with all my favourite news and so on.

Another one app that I find really good is Dropbox, a cloud storage utility that we could access shared files on various PCs, Laptops and also iPad. The only thing that I did not quite like was the fact that shared files in Dropbox for iPad is not stored in the local storage, like the windows version which store and sync it locally. This will allow offline access, on the iPad, you've got to be connected all the time to access your shared files. That is no good!

Chrome vs Firefox

How and Why Chrome Is Overtaking Firefox Among Power Users

As the article points out, for me too the main reason I love Firefox is Downthemall.

PDF Readers

If you are still using adobe to read PDF chances are it's bloated. I personally use SumatraPDF but this one allows annotations.

Downloading Nitro PDF Reader ...

Pavlov's Pavlov


VLC for iPad is here

The swiss knife of media VLC will play all formats for the iPad. Usually when at home, I just stream media to the ipad from the Mac with Plex but for on the go, I guess VLC will be my preferred app. I believe the updates will iron out some problems it has and make it even better.


Gymkhana THREE, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l'Autodrome, France

Solar System

Stop Motion App

Time to have a little fun with Luke's toys.
BTW, sometimes Luke and me will play this game where he draws things on his piece of paper and I will draw things on mine.Example, we have themes like pirates or castle with dragons and knights,etc etc. Yesterday we were pirates. I drew one pirate with a sword but he drew an army of them although in my defense my pirate looked like a pirate, his was just stick mans la.
After all the cannons and guns and ships....I finally drew a shark telling him that my mean pet shark will eat up all his pirates. What he drew next kinda surprised me. I was expecting like a harpoon or some big guns to kill my shark , instead he drew a smaller shark with a heart above it and told me, "Your shark is useless papa, he loves my girl shark now". I guess that was the ultimate weapon.

Turf Dancing

The skinny dude in white t and jeans got some moves on him.This must be Breakdance 2.0?

Technological Disobedience

Traveling to poorer countries, I have seen very innovative ways how people can use reverse engineering and a little imagination to get the most out of things we consider junk.I found this clip to be very interesting and while it may be dangerous...this is truly recycling.

The Technological Disobedience Of Ernesto Oroza - Motherboard | VBS.TV

GTA for iPad

Available Now.

MJ fan

I did not know my wife was such a big MJ fan. My son, not that much as he declared " I don't like this UnderWear man".

Toss A Coin

Parents of the year sequel

Why wouldn't accidents happen? The boy was out of the window for a good 15 minutes and no one tried to stop him.

On another note, convenience seems to be 'THE' unspoken need of people these days. We always choose the easiest route, lesser crowd area, instant coffees, bedroom tv's and list goes on. Most of us hate the hassles our parents used to endure before carrying us around with them wherever they go and in the process we are exposed and we learn. I have a colleague who have brought this 'convenience' to a level we can't imagine. Her baby boy had serious colic problem but despite the advise of her mom she refused to give the colic medicine. Reason:It's a hassle to clean him up. So she rather hear him crying in the cot throughout the day then help him. Secondly she refused to take him out of the baby cot even after 6 months. Reason; She doesn't want him to move around and touch the things around the house. Today he's slightly more than 1 year old and hasn't started walking.

Yeah, i thought the same - Absolutely insane!

Argentina Bangkit

Messi lobs the ball pass Reina, Higuain rounds Reina and scores, Reina fumbles for Teves and of course Aguero , finished with a header with spain hitting one back for a consolation. Congrats Batista and Arg!