The Pixar Story

Now that the kids are watching all these wonderful Pixar movie, it's refreshing to know how they started.Well, it's "out there" for those looking,if you know what I mean

Batman: Under The Red Hood

This animated movie was as captivating as The Dark Knight.........IMHO.

Apple Update

Apple release a battery charger for it's ever increasing lines of accessories using batteries. The latest, being the magic trackpad.A slew of other updates, including new iMacs with ATI graphic cards, LED displays and new Mac Pros.

This caught my attention when I happen to go to a Govt clinic recently. I suppose during public holidays, after working hours and break time, mysteriously no one will ever need emergency treatment. If someone ask where else to go then? I guess "Just die for all I care" will be the untold answer. It may well be a more appropriate sub tagline for the current "One M" concept.


Must Watch

Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligence

Great Work

Have a friend and he has taken 3 months leave to teach English among the rural villages and specials schools in Thailand. He got more than he bargained coz at certain places they had to help the villagers build houses, travel by 4 wheel and foot to some places even. Following his work I must say its inspiring and knowing what Martin is till doing also inspires me. Anyways here are some of the pix.

The Decade In Pictures

The ones with little children suffering are hard to take.

The Decade in Pictures - Pixcetera Blog

DIY iPad Moleskin

The accessories for the iPad is truly over priced.Time for some DIY, although the Dodocase looks really good.

How to Make a Moleskine iPad Case | The Modern Day Pirates

Free iPad Apps

Since Chris the iPad veteran introduced some apps to me, thought I'd share where I usually fish for iPad apps that became free for a limited time.

FreeAppAlert - Free iPad apps that were paid iPad apps yesterday


Lego photography

I love the Lego photography from this flickr user. Here he shows how he does it.Awesome!

It's not Photoshop on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Pooh and friends

Penis Flavoured

Who you gonna call?

3 Most Unlikely Human Achievements

In Singapore

This is not the iPad line but it's for the Nasi Lemak near my place.

Top Linux Downloads

Air Video

Air Video converts and streams on the fly to your iPad.I have used it on my iPhone but let's say the iPad's larger display is more ideal to kick back and watch a movie in bed.
BTW, the plan to use the free data plan worked out nicely for me once I trimmed the SIM card to fit into the iPad.


So, the iPads were snapped up within an hour and apparently some people queued since 6am.Well, I am not the kind who enjoys queuing even for our delicious mee goreng Bukit Cina. Never the less, my wife's prediction that one location may just still have it was true when we strolled in for lunch and managed to get the 2nd last set. The 16gb 3G that I wanted all along. Anyway, apparently the cheapest place to buy one is HK.
Terence,I cannot give session on materialism anymore la...cause next week I want the iPhone 4.Mampus!

Skype for iOS4

Now you are online in the background all the time.Well, may not be a good thing for some.

SIM card to micro SIM card

It just happens that I have a free 1mb unlimited data plan SIM card from Starhub.Hi!Hi!
How to make your own iPad or iPhone 4 micro SIM | News | TechRadar UK

New Music Discovery

The sound quality for these simple recordings in an office is awesome.I really like that first track.
Phoenix: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR

Horny Goat Complex

I was puzzled, is it the name of the supplement or is it telling you what you'd develop after taking it.

iPad Singapore 23rd July 2010

Rough Guess:


16GB: SGD$728
32GB: SGD$878
64GB: SGD$1,028

WiFi + 3G

16GB: SGD$928
32GB: SGD$1,078
64GB: SGD$1,228