Make learning fun

Luke came back from school about 10 days back, and all he could talk about were Volcanos. He already knows about them but this time around he seemed much more interested and so together we drew a giant Volcano and coloured it before cutting it out to stick it on the wall.I remember telling Daphne how happy I was that the school actually related  a current event to 4 year olds. True enough, today we received a feedback form from the school about it.I am not sure if all school do this but they should cause it makes learning more interesting.

Tun Samy in the making

The first comment cracked me up.

'Tun' Samy's sweet deal with Najib

Health Drink

Coffee: Is it healthier than you think?

Jake,my Milo sipping friend,take note.

Club Med Bintan

Not a bad backdrop for lunch. Since Club Med Cherating, we have made it a point to go for one Club Med holiday a year as we think it's ideal for young families.

Jesus Nut

Luke rarely touches his Thomas and friends toys these days, and he's into a whole lot of Lego Love. Like today, he was asking me the names of the various parts to a helicopter and apart from the Rotor I knew nothing else. I turned to Google and found out that the bolt that attaches the Rotor is called a "Jesus Nut"..... because if it comes off, the next person you would see is Jesus.

Restore your privacy

Remember WYD 1995

The image that struck fear in our hearts every meal time like Batman did to the criminals in Gotham.Well, they are doing so well that they have Drive Throughs now.

Tokyo Drift the early years

KPI towards competent performance

Take a wild guess where is this? Bet you wouldn't be surprise a bit after reading on. This is one of my recent experience with PDRM. Went to make a report and there were no one there for a good 30 minutes. Forget about improving service, basic pun tak dapat, KPI konon. BTW, that's the desk of the Investigating pegawai. Towards achieving Visi 2020 in lightning speed wei.


Incredible India? Indeed. Last week, I was there with my business partners to visit Northern India including Kashmir, Delhi and Agra. The guide's interpretation of India as we began the journey was indeed true. First of all, the tour guide looked like a Tamil actor, he has a typical handlebar moustache with an sideburn that could score a goal, tall bloke who almost looked similar to 'Lawrence Aneh', his name is KV (short for Krishnan Vishnu or something like that). He said, "India is a land of paradox. Say one thing about India and the complete opposite is also true". He was right no doubt! Our journey started in the north in Kashmir at a very nice ski resort in Gulmarq which is up in the mountains with temperature as low as -6C and we ended up in Agra, which is where the beautiful Taj Mahal is located, we were wandering around at a temperature of 44C.
We went for a boat ride at Dal Lake which was also a floating market whereby traders for cloth, gems, handicrafts attached their boats to ours 'forcing' to buy some of their local produce. Let me tell you these fellas are absolutely persistent. I think our boat which seated 4 persons had a field day splashing rupees.
The Taj is every bit as beautiful as they say. No wonder it is one of the wonders of the world. I was in awe when I saw the beautiful structure. It was a 'green site' where no vehicle is allowed in the surrounding except for the 'battery bus' which brought us closer to the location. From there, it was all by foot at 40C at 10am. Incredible! Coming out was truly a challenge. Immediately, as we got out of there, there was swarms of petty traders of all ages from as young as sub-10 to post 40s, surrounding us to buy souvenirs. We were practically left with only a couple of inches of breathing room. What an experience!

Overall, it was an excellent trip in the Land of Paradox. We went to experience a local theatre featuring the story of the Shah and Mumtaz Mahal - a brilliant production! The love story surrounding Taj Mahal was very touching too.

I will share more with you guys when I see you.

Ikea ideas

Turned an extra dining table into a work table just by adding these cheap Ikea "clamp on" shelves.Thought, I'd share since it just cost me like $20 for a nice shelf without ruining a $500 table.

Definition of a Terrorist

DSLR Dark Arts

I've put off buying a new camera everytime I take pictures with my old one and feel that the pics are not too bad and following Terence's footsteps I intend to squeeze more out of things I own. As mentioned before, I have a 7 days impulse buying policy that has prevented me from spending unnecessarily.My current camera gives me zoom and macro captures that seem to amaze me at times and with the CHDK installed, it gives me a little more control over the settings. Anyway, since I am giving a lot of business to Apple this year, the Minister of Home Affairs has allowed budget to be splurged on a camera only next year and I do hope the 550D's price drops further.Below some basic DSLR tips on photography from a site I like to visit which may benefit some of us.

DSLR Dark Arts

Multi-Site Torrent Search

I am posting this as a friend called up asking me the basics of downloading stuff from the internet.Well, be responsible and  do understand that these sites are filled with porn,malwares and etc etc. You would need a torrent client like uTorrent, mileage may vary. Do not download illegal stuff yourself as this would put the illegal DVD seller out of business which will make some people in uniforms lose coffee money.

7 Multi-Site Torrent Search Tools For the Swarthy Downloader

Microsoft is more secure than Apple


Just tastes better when drank from these old fashioned cups.

I'm no racist

If you consider the interest of your own race is far more important than the interest of everyone regardless of race,gender and class....what does that say?
Muhyiddin: I’m no racist

Pulitzer Price Winner

Ridiculing Public Figures Can Win You A Pulitzer Price

Mark Fiore's Animated Cartoon Site

Media Propaganda Example

Fox news claim The Security Summit logo looks like a crescent when in actual fact if they did some research it's

Pakistan's illegal arms problem

1,000 guns made every day in this town.

Illegal arms in Pakistan