Adventures of Buzz Lightyear

Luke is a big Buzz Lightyear fan and after waiting like almost a month, finally I managed to "get" the whole Adventures of Buzz Lightyear Series.It's like a preview before Toy Story 3 comes out.


In this season of Lent, let us continue to heed the exhortation of our Holy Father, Pope Benedict that we "live Lent with a genuine penitential spirit". Al Islam and its reporters has come up openly to ask for forgiveness. As Catholics, we know how hard that can be, as we experience when we go for confession. It takes a lot of humility and courage to admit wrong and ask for forgiveness. Therefore, we forgive and extend our hand in peace. In admitting that 'they know not what they do', echoes a very familiar prayer of Christ on the cross. I think that should be the echo of our heart for the entire Lenten campaign. With that, let's put the matter to rest. In the midst of all this, the positive is that many more today will realize the 'significance of the white bread' to us, IT IS the Body of Christ. God has a funny way of 'advertising' this fact, but I sincerely think that this message is not only to non-Christians but especially to us Christians or Catholics who may have forgotten how blessed we are to be able to partake in a communion with God. More important than that, in a genuine penitential spirit, we must realize that we have we have to truly prepare ourselves before we receive HIM in communion. They can say that 'they did not know' the significance hence they have asked for forgiveness but we, as Catholics cannot and do not have that luxury of ignorance of the Holy Eucharist. Let's continue to pray for each other and our children in this season of Lent as we look at ourselves and take the examples of our muslim brothers in Al Islam to have the humility and courage to ask for forgiveness for our ignorance.

Al-Islam apologises for hurting Christians feelings

Permohonan Maaf Kepada Gereja Katolik
Written by Al Islam
Jumaat, 05 Mac 2010 00:00

Majalah Al Islam memohon maaf berhubung penyiaran artikel `Tinjauan Al Islam dalam Gereja: Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Melayu Murtad’, keluaran Mei 2009, kerana artikel itu tanpa disengajakan telah menyinggung perasaan para penganut agama Kristian, khususnya Katolik.

Adalah dimaklumkan, tinjauan itu dilakukan bertujuan mencari kesahihan dakwaan orang awam berhubung isu tersebut. Al Islam juga sama sekali tidak berniat untuk menghina agama Kristian, apatah lagi mengganggu atau menceroboh rumah ibadat mereka.

Dua wartawan yang terlibat turut memohon maaf kerana tidak menyedari apa yang mereka lakukan semasa melaksanakan tugasan tersebut telah menyinggung perasaan para penganut agama berkenaan. Al Islam berharap perkara seumpama ini tidak akan berulang lagi. – Pengarang Al Islam

Permohonan maaf ini juga akan disiarkan dalam Al Islam keluran April 2010 yang akan berada di pasaran pertengahan bulan ini.

Windows in OSX

Got to love a mac for the design, yes a little over priced.Though, Windows 7 is an OS that has so much more to offer especially if you are a gamer. So,the best set-up IMHO, dual-boot on Macbook Pro or a DIY "Hackintosh".My MSI Wind runs Snow Leopard well but it lacks power under the hood so HD video playback stutters.

How To: Run Windows in OS X, the Right Way - Mac windows virtualization

Rigged "Dacing"

Using Luke's toys to show my displeasure with our awesome government.

Rakyat Didahulukan?

The AG is ‘not in the interest of justice’ — The Malaysian Insider
The Nut Graph | The price of speaking up

The world is a dangerous place to live; NOT because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.

Albert Einstein

World's most admired Companies

Drum roll... Click here

I can't believe at one time Arul and I actually convinced Agnes to sell her Apple and get a PC. Best part is she bought it!

PS mask


Hair cut

How times change.Back then, going for a hair cut meant a new toy from the street vendors in Bunga Raya street and my favourite "Magnolia Choc" drink. The one in the bottle with all that cocoa sediment right at the bottom.