Daniel's First b'day BASH @ 7

This was the first....hopefully the last also la....but whatever said...Daniel was happy to finally celebrate his b'day with his friends. Kids had a ball in the pool with water balloons as Gwen and me had to suffer filling up 200 pcs the night before plus blowing the rest for the deco!!! (Balloons sponsored by Un Lawrence - which the kids loved) I must thank Jake and Jessie, Chris and Cath for helping out for this event too. Jake and Chris...thanks for helping me with the HEAVY jobs (sudah tua la), Arul we missed your accommodation skills and expertise and had a few laughs about it! Anyway here are some moments on the event. Oh yes, Serena and Dennis finally came for our function too with their kids Ryan & Mark. See you all at Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone.There will be no posts from me till 2011.Image courtesy of Luke's Lego and our slanted Christmas Tree at home.The Irudayam's will also like to thank you for the Gift of your friendship. It  will always be both the best and only gift we would ever need.I believe you know the schedules.

MSE 2.0

If you have paid for an anti-virus or use one that is a system hog it's about time you switched.I've been using for past 2 years and my colleagues who switched to it (thanks to me) are singing it's praises.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials

Deleted Scenes from Avatar

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LensHero to save the day



Pinky was sane


Family Guy=The Office

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Isn't this just Super

Similar interest brought them together

Great Memories

Get Back Up

TI - Get Back Up ft. Chris Brown [Official Music Video]

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Sharks Wary of Drunk Serbs

Judged by 12 Then

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Chinese "Lego"

Spotted a vendor selling a version of Lego from China while waiting for Luke to finish his Mandarin Speech and Drama class.The usual Lego man with a small vehicle costs about S$15. That's the cheapest one you can buy when it comes to Lego. This knock off is S$1.Yup the quality isn't great but there's no way you can get a Chinese soldier from the real Lego company. Think I am going to buy a few more just for the figurines.Luke can't really tell the difference except he was complaining that the wheels weren't turning smoothly.


I took this with my iPhone. Our neighborhood cat was actually yawning, you can say he's a real pussy.


Hari ini TIADA dalam Sejarah

I'm totally speechless of how little the coverage on this piece of news that someone is omitting and adding stuff in our history books that cannot be found on records. If you've not read it, I suggest you click on the jump and read it. Some of you might remember the name Dr. Ranjit Singh Malhi. I remember clearly because I referenced his book for Pengajian Am in my Form 6. Just because Dr. Singh came out and state his views on this, our 'Boleh' government labelled him "Anti-National".

I had a chance to speak to my brothers when they up here in KL and they also mentioned that there were several things that we used to learn such as the 5 Hang were also omitted, numerous chapters of the Sejarah syllabus is dedicated to Sejarah Islam. I have nothing against that since this is, after all, an islamic country and probably in need of some morality anyway - but diluting history, omitting historical facts and making it compulsory for the students is really disturbing. Seems that there are who wish to brainwash our future. Apparently there's only one sentence to mention Yap Ah Loy. If they continue on this track, a lot of this history will be forgotten and we won't know what's the role of the Kapitan Cina. Poor fella must be rolling in his grave knowing that how the country remembered him for developing KL.

"The 1996 Form One textbook stated inter alia that a few Indian merchants lent their junks to the Portuguese in their attack on Malacca. I know of no historical evidence to support this fact,” said Ranjit.

Malaysia Boleh!

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One of the apps that makes the iPhone a little better.

The assasination of Yogi Bear