I can see for miles and miles and miles

If you were one of those who had this view, crawling at a top speed of 40kph...I was one with you in spirit.To top it all off, arrived home at 12am after 5hrs on the road for a journey that takes me 2 and to see Arsenal go down to Chelsea was a little too hard to take and had me tossing and turning.

On Sale Now! Very Hot Buy!

Are you looking for that juicy, honey glazed roasted turkey for Thanksgiving tomorrow or Christmas next month? Hurry place your order now before it's too late. Ethan Joshua Das has been specially marinated for slightly more than 9 months is going on sale:) He's making too much noise after midnight - both dad and mom are losing sleeps and spotting big eye bags. Any takers? Quick, if you order now he's only RM9.99 and he comes with 2 bags of Diapers Wee Wee Dry:)

This makes it funnier


I'm going home


A Story Before Bed

Well,my kids do not ask for a story before bed but we usually play a game called "Story Time" where everyone must tell a story. Usually, we make up the story as we go along.Luke's stories always have spiders, bats &  monsters but they will all have a tragic end when he beats them to a pulp. As for Faye,these are her exact words in her version of a story yesterday night." One day, Faye,Ko Ko,Mama,Papa,Ah kong , Ah Ma (the list goes on with like 20 people) all OHOH (sleep in hokkien baby talk). The bird fly and shit on the backside. The end. Thank you,thank you,thank you omuch."

Anyway, check out the site below for some ideas.

A Story Before Bed

SnowTape (mac)


Records internet radio tunes and tags album artwork automatically.The best bit for me is the Comedy Channels.


What it's like to live with schizophrenia

I know like me Suresh too is fascinated with our local "Orang Gila". Suresh will even make contact with these individuals and that is one thing that I have secretly admired about him.It takes a lot of courage to do that and I have lost count of the times we said " I wonder what goes on in his head?". Well, here is a glimpse and well Suresh, maybe we are little mad too.
When I asked my wife if she would still love me if I go mad while watching "A Beautiful Mind" she gave me a quick "No". Her reasoning is that I am not Arul anymore but someone else.I am thinking of doing an experiment tonight....probably cover myself with faeces and start saying stuff like "Calling Sgt  Balan, the rice arrived in Kampung Morten".

What it's like to live with schizophrenia | The Daily Telegraph

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Living Sanctuary Kindergarten Concert

Luke's Concert from Arul Irudayam on Vimeo.Check out the girl on the right doing some major Indian headshake. The song is a Tamil hymn and to our surprise Luke knew some of the words to the song.