Carbon Copy Cloner

Windows 7

I personally think Windows 7 is at par with Snow Leopard and as a matter of fact Snow Leopard can't detect the home printer and video out to external monitor has issues.Looks like MS has got it going on.

Pystar launches Rebel EFI

Okay, Pystar the Mac clone maker has released Rebel EFI for easy installing Snow Leopard on PC's.You can download the demo to give it a try before purchase. Well, with this no fiddling with bootloaders,kexts and bla bla I think but I would presume it may not work out of the box for all PC's esp older hardware.

Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Dogs Hate Halloween


ARUL You said it man but luckily we didn't start the praise and worship sessions like Brazil lah. The Argentinian FA is probably now thinking now ..."how do we sack Maradona"


Was having lunch with my boss yesterday and saw something wonderful. The young man in red guided his partially blind father (i assume) by holding his hands, sat him down and had a decent lunch and good time with his dad. Looking at the old man, many of us would have opted for the obvious choice of placing our parents in an old folks home. Whoever this person in red is - well i admire his love and care.

Honda's new bike

I think this retro looking new Honda bike is simply awesome and am sure Terence & Lawrence would agree.I could still picture Terence on it with his jacket and all giving me a lift back home after core team meeting.

Jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.2 released

Good Hair

Chris Rock's latest comedy will be on Good Hair  something the black folks don't have and most of the weaves they use come from India.Like in this snapshot Chris Rock tells an Indian girl to run if she sees a bunch of Black ladies approach her.