Bagan Lalang

I read in the internet that there's a couple of nice beaches around the Selangor region, so we decided to take a drive to look see. We took about slightly more than an hour drive to Morib beach where an historical event took place during the world war where a troop of Indian troops under the British marine forces defended against the Japanese invasion. There were numerous families playing on the beach although it was scorching. The beach was quite brownish much like our pantai kundur.

Then we drove south towards Bagan Lalang beach, which is close to Sepang. That beach was quite reasonable, it was quite a drive into through a small road. The area has quite a number of ikan bakar food stalls. I hear that it has a beautiful sunset, as per photo above which I took from the place where we ate. A neat little beach side restaurant, we had steamboat this round. Maybe the next time we'll try the ikan bakar. Needless to say the seafood was quite fresh. TP, your godson is becoming like a typical city boy, he refused to take off his sandals and touch the sand. He said it's dirty. So we left that for another day. I think it was a very nice drive, good sight seeing for the boys and a chance for their parents to appreciate a bit of what we have around Selangor. There is some development going on there, Sepang Goldcoast, I'm sure we'll hear more of that sooner or later. Quite a nice place, if they manage to maintain the cleanliness of the beaches and so on...

So that others might live

Some Memorable T Shirts

Arul remember the days when we use to purchase lots of T's such as this. You were the main supplier....supplying us the goods.

Before they were famous

World's Most Important Drugs

DIY iPhone dock

I wanted to buy a dock for my iPhone 3GS, the local Apple shop sells it for S$49 excluding the cable.I decided to place my cheap USB charging cable into a small binder clip, removed the clip and got another bigger binder clip to hold the smaller one.

Pearl Jam new album :Backspacer

Chris take note...the rest of you Air Supply guys ignore it.

Arsenal Fans don't hate Ashley Cole the most
Toure & Bellamy apologizing for Adebayor.

From Arseblog:

Mark Hughes, Man City manager, knows Adebayor is in the wrong but has done little but make excuses for him. While I don't expect any manager to castigate his player in public you have to laugh when he says:

He needs to be cut a little bit of slack given what he has gone through in the last 18 months

What has he gone through? Serious illness? Unemployment? A traumatic accident? A death in his family? No. He created a sticky situation for himself at work, where he was paid £80,000 a week, and then made that situation worse when it would have been easy to make it better. Then he got a different job which pays him £140,000 a week. A WEEK. What he's gone through? Give me a break and spend a few days in the real world. There are people who go through worse every single day of their lives and nobody should have any sympathy for Adebayor about what happened to him at Arsenal. It was his fault and his fault alone.

E for effort

I guess we are thankful for the most important things in our life.For me, when I analyze the things I am grateful for I can tell you none of them are things but people in my life.Although, I guess for a four year old and a two year old , important things are a little different.So, every night when Daphne get the kids to say their prayers and when it comes to their turn,I hear this.To me, it's the most adorable and honest prayer.

Luke: Jesus, thank you for my trains,jet plane and toys. (only after that he will add names of people)
Faye: Thank you,bolster,"cucut" (her pacifier)-then she will add the names of people and even before she finishes Luke will say "Don't forget me Faye".

They both are not the best behaved children that we know but when we see effort on their part we are never short on affirmation.

Maradona & The Boys

Was speaking to Jake and Chris over the weekend and the scary thought of Argentina not qualifying and worse - Messi does not get to make his full debut for his country as he was only featured as a sub in the 2006. Anyway with the lost to Paraguay today all I can say is we are in danger coz in South America - dirty things can happen. With Paraguay already qualified along with the yellow and green people - Argentina's next 2 matches is with Peru (not so bad coz these fellows cannot qualify already) and Uruguay (really tough as they too are in striking distance) with along with Venezuela and Colombia who are all respectively at 6,7 & 8 on the standings. I remember once there was controversy and rumor about some teams paid money to let the qualify...well this is all now in the equation. It'll be tough to watch the world cup without your favourite team!


Jobs thanks organ donor



Marriage is an imperfect union between two imperfect people but it can feel PERFECT if you want it to.

Vincent Van Gogh

About 4 to 5 months back we got the kids a whiteboard coz we felt they are old enough not to vandalize the walls of our home....well we were right but curi curi got try to do la. Anyway, here are some of the priceless piece of Arul said some time back..... we should frame them (in my case I took pictures) and show it to them when they have all grown up. I must say kids creativity is special in their own way - honest and sincere to be precise.

Free ringtones

SFI 2CG Revisited

Remember this... well I'm sure Satiah and Vincent plus the entire 2CG class will. Come to think of it we should have patented this concept. Well its too late coz they are selling it now and got one some time back for the kids. Brings back lots of memories. Jake remember our Argentina team?