Getting help with a bit of tech...

Nothing like a dosage of 'worry' and 'panic'.

Last week, Cath and the boys had dinner with her family in Kajang. As usual, Julian was running round the dining table with his new found friends from the next table. All of sudden, Cath's aunty asked 'Where's Julian?'. In a blink of an eye, he was nowhere to be found. Of course, all the adults jumped out of their seat, poor Cath who was feeding Christian felt like her soul jumped out of her when they didn't see Julian around. The restaurant was in a shopping center, all of them went scrambling to find our little boy. I wasn't there, but I can clearly imagine how the panic-stricken adults with their face all blue wondering where he ran off to or worse if someone took him.

In this situation, I'm sure we all will say, stay calm and think rationally but after a few minutes of screaming out for Julian, still there's no sight of him. All the wildest thoughts will come stampeding into the mind. A few minutes later, Cath's aunty found him in a secluded area looking at 'ants'. There was no one around, and our little friend wasn't even worried that he's all alone. That incident, when it was told to me, scared the living daylights out of me.

The next day, we went around hunting for a device to assist us with our little 'speedy gonzalez'. We found this device called 'ionkids' (as in eye-on-kids) where there's a watch-like device which is place on the child and a controller with the parent which will 'keep your kids within a safe distance'. In a nutshell, here's what it does:

  1. Beeps/vibrates when the kid run out of the safe zone (which you set)

  2. Alerts if the wristag is tampered with. The wristag comes with a secure lock

  3. 'Find' function to 'direct' you to the kid with a compass-like mode.

  4. It can pair up to 4 wristags

This product is not cheap. Retail at RM999 but there is promotion in Safe 'n' Sound at RM699, it comes with the base unit and the wristag with a charger. Additional wristag cost around RM170, I think. IMHO, it's a product that will help to ease your mind a little, it does work but up to a certain extent. The find function is very useful but not accurate because of the RF bouncing off walls and other objects. But it sure narrow down your scope. The control mode is fairly annoying either with beeping and/or vibrating, but it definitely will get your attention to keep your eye on the kid. It's definitely not for you to use if you intend to go to Disneyland with it, but within a small area like a shopping center, it's excellent. Range is about 300ft. Let me tell you one thing, technology can assist you to a certain extent but it's not meant to replace keen and attentive parenting.

When the kids fall ill

Firstly, the picture looks worrying but all that Luke has is a bad cough due to a lot of phlegm and the nebulizer helps.Another thing, our kids queue up to take their medicine and have no fear of visiting the doctor.
Last Tuesday was only the second time Luke had fever since he was born.The first time was when we returned from Bali and he had the Rotavirus.This time it was when we returned from Batam,Indonesia on a short holiday.Naturally I panicked and thought it was H1N1 and rushed him to the pediatrician.Well, in Singapore they don't prescribe Tamiflu to under 12 year olds unless it's a serious case as they find the side effects of Tamiflu outweighs the benefits at least for kids.
Well the secretion test came back negative and he was just running a fever probably due to all that time he spent in the pool.BTW, Holiday Inn Batam has an awesome kids pool with slides and all.
Anyway, I do think it was wise of the Siahs and the Scullies to postpone their trip for the time being(info I received from Terence yesterday) and as much as we can't control things we need to stay vigilant.

Female vs Male Brain during an argument

Click image for clearer view.


AIO computers compared


Here's a recent comparison chart when choosing a All In One computer.Prices are in USD and click image to enlarge.

Kg Buah Pala Saga

Kg Buah Pala: Villagers reject developer’s house offer

Let's hope they understand what they are fighting for and that Che Guevra t-shirts cause me to worry a little.

Best free App for the iPhone

Remote for iTunes library control on your mac and Stanza turns your iPhone into a mini Kindle.

Japan men then and now

Think i am qualified to say this is true after observations I made.Well at least in the hairstyle department that is.Is Yunosuke a chick?

Thomas The Transformer

Meet Thomas The Transformer

Luke would love this, although looks  like Percy is somewhere in there too.Yes, I know  all the characters , thanks to my son who educates me on them.

SMS Attack update

If you are an iphone user, ensure you update to 3.0.1 via iTunes to prevent the SMS attack.

I love you man

Hilarious movie... strong language,some awkward scenes  though.I guess not every guy out there has a best friend.