Faye Turns 2

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There is a saying that says something about the decision to have a child is a serious one for it's to decide forever to have your heart walking outside your body.Some of you know why we named her Faith.She's my daily reminder of what Faith means but I must admit my little angel can test my faith quite a bit too as she can be really stubborn....think it's from her mom's side.In a tropic climate like ours she can give you all four seasons in one day for her mood can change without any warning....also from her mom's side.
Every morning before I leave for work,she'll walk out of the room clutching her smelly bolster,pacifier in the mouth and wish me "Good Morning Papa" in a voice that sounds like a cricket talking.It just makes my day!
I spend a lot of time playing with Luke,but like all fathers....daughters always have a special place in your heart.




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Eventful weekend.


As some of you know, it was Debbie's wedding last weekend and true to his name, our very own Dangdut was seen doing some lewd & sexy moves with his partner on the dance floor to what else....a Dangdut song. I even have the pics(stills from the video) to prove it but you should have been there to see the "Tarian lucah & raunchy".FYI Suresh, even the waiter & waitresses were taking pics with their phone. We now know why they call you Dangdut!Guys I have the video and maybe will post in on youtube and Suresh will attain the fame he deserves.

The highlight of my recent trip for me was introducing our legendary Mee Goreng Bukit Cina. Well, the kids ate the non-spicy bee hoon la.


(as of 10pm yesterday)

Within the Malaysian landscape, how do you feel?

Safe    1%

Not safe    97%

Not sure     2%

What makes you feel that way?

Reading crime news   36%

Family member has been a victim  63%

Not sure  1%

What's the level of safety of Malaysian citizens?

Still guaranteed   3%

Not guaranteed    95%

Not sure  2%

The government has taken all measures necessary to ensure the safety of citizens is at the highest level.

Agree  2%

Disagree 94%

Not sure  4%

Crime is a global issue and Malaysia is not the only country bogged down by it.

Agree  17%

Disagree  79%

Not sure  4%

Source: http://www.ikdn.gov.my/

It's not easy to be a Christian...

I was just having a conversation with my wife earlier on the topic which I posted earlier on about Martin Jalleh's article about the two journalist from Al Islam who did the unthinkable. She reminded of the time when she was evaluating to become a Catholic. For many born Catholics, they probably wouldn't realize how difficult it is to get baptized in the Catholic Church. She had to go through one year of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults course, several interviews with the facilitator and an interview with the parish priest to ensure that you are ready and not coerced to be a Catholic). She related to me a recent event of how her Uncle, a buddhist, which was recently baptized as a Catholic in St. Ignatius Church where he was given an exception due to his age (>80) whereas his wife was denied the priviledge until she goes through the one year course in the RCIA and if she was ready, she would be baptized on Easter. I went through the course for one year with Cath, and let me tell you, if you have the chance, please go through it. It will challenge you in your faith and it will tell you of how much you have forgotten in your catechism class. The point here is that, it's not easy to get baptized in the Catholic church as an adult. So if our Muslim brethrens from Al Islam thinks that it's as easy as saying yes to be baptized on a weekly affair, they would be surprised to learn that they are gravely mistaken. Maybe they should have done their homework as journalist before going in as the undercover heroic journalist who attempted to crack the forbidden secret that never was in the catholic church.

It's sad for them to not realize, but it's even more appalling to be ignorant as a journalist to the subject that they are investigating. Professionally, it's shameful. Morally, it's downright evil. But as Martin says, we are reminded daily and constantly that we should 'forgive those who has sin against us'. So I too join the many Catholics to forgive our friends from Al Islam who has ignorantly disregard the sensitivities of our fellow brethrens. In the process, I hope that they will realize that it's not as easy to get baptized as they assume that we can keep doing on a weekly basis, for adults. RCIA is a one year program. Just like how my wife has to go through to ensure that she is absolutely convinced that she would wants to be a Christian in her own accord and accompanying her on that journey made me realize how much more that I have forgotten or just didn't know.

If you want to find out more on the process, there's some interesting notes in Wikipedia here. There are more everywhere in the internet. My wife even had to fill in the form to acknowledge that her parents knows that she is committing to Christianity. She was buddhist, by the way, just in case, certain quarters are inclined to assume with some wild imagination. Bottomline is that, it's not easy for anyone to step in and holler "Yes, Amen" and splash yourself with water and that's it, you're a Christian - of which, I'm sure that those journalists found out that day. The point is, you need stoop so low, just ask and we will be more than happy to tell you. I pray that the Body of Christ that they consume and spat out would grant them the answers that they so wholeheartedly seek, so much that they are wiling to risk their eternity to find out.

Martin Jalleh slams Al Islam for sacrilege

An Open Letter to a Muslim Journalist “Spy”


I just read that recently you and a friend visited one of the churches that I belong to. I was surprised that you had to do it in disguise. You should have told the Catholic community there that you were coming and we would have given you a grand welcome.
Such was the experience of the MP for Shah Alam, Khalid Abdul Samad from Pas, who was even given a standing ovation when he visited and had a dialogue with the parishioners of the Church of the Divine Mercy in Shah Alam last year.

Some time back I was attending a Mass (Catholic worship) in a Catholic church in Petaling Jaya and was very moved by the presence of a group of Muslim students together with their Muslim professor who had taken them there as part of their “exposure programme”. None of them were converted.

You see we are not an underground church nor do we function in a clandestine manner. Our hearts are on the holy and not on the hideous. We even pray for Najib the PM, though I feel we do not pray enough for the Opposition. We also pray for people like you who do more harm than good to the name of your religion of peace, tolerance and compassion.


RIP Teoh Beng Hock

Michael Jackson was a prominent entertainer and his death caused the whole world to mourn for his loss. On the other side of the world, a relatively unknown young man fell to his death, but the whole nation felt compelled to mourn his death and cry out for justice. How did he die? Why was he being investigated? Why the need for a witness to be interrogated until wee hours in the morning? I'm sure there are more important and high profile cases to handle that could use a little more 'thoroughness' and extreme meticulosity. For example, the less-than-affordable extra-large bungalow that a certain politician purchased. Was there an eight hour interrogation till 4am in the morning for that? That, I think is another story... This story is about responsibility!

Months from today, a little baby is going to be born without his or her father. I hope by then, there will be some answers to this 'mystery'. My heart goes out to his family and his fiancee. Almost all, in blogosphere, are calling out for justice and truth, from both sides of the political divide. Whether or not, he is a chinese, taoist or from Pakatan Rakyat is of no importance. What's important today is that he is someone's son, brother, husband, father. No matter what the truth is or found out later, in honour of his memory, I do hope that everyone in authority realize and understand that all of us have a responsibility, towards the life that is in our care. In this case, MACC must have the courtesy to not only give him food and water when he is assisting an investigation, but also ensure his safety should he be required to extend his time beyond what is reasonable. If our children goes to school to study and is told that he/she needs to stay back for some extra activities by the school, who should be responsible for the safety of our child? What of the collapsed building in Sec 14, who's responsible for the deaths of the workers? I think this is a delicate question but a pertinent one, at this time. It's like in our own home, we are responsible to ensure that safety comes first in our home, for the safety of our kids and visitors to our home, especially so that we are staying in a high rise. No matter how safe we could make it, there's nothing full proof. I'm sure all of us understand that. Even so, we still need to ensure that we do our best possible. I think we all have the right to know, if MACC did all that is possible to ensure the safety of their witness when he is under their care, in their premises?

Upgrading to Karmic Koala

As usual, I suggest you back up your data before doing this.
If you are running Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 8.04 and wish to try the new Karmic Koala 9.04. Hit Alt+F2 , then type "update-manager -d". On the update manager dialog box click the UPGRADE button on the top right corner.

Phuket I'll go


MJ bids farewell to MJ

The Talent, Tragedy, and the Triumph

By Martin Jalleh

You brought back magic into music, leaving an indelible imprint. You gave dance an indescribable grace and showed impeccable mastery of movement.

You merged music and video and brought about a MTV generation. You magnificently and incredibly blended and bridged arena rock, soul and pop.

You moved the world’s conscience with your humanitarian spirit and inspired us with your clarion call to care for the hungry, homeless, HIV/AIDS victims and those without hope.

You mesmerized peoples of all races, languages and cultures, in every country, instilling in them the message that what mattered most was love and mutual respect.

You were matchless – you were an original, creative, unique and magnetizing musician and artist.

You were a true troubadour who ruled and “thrilled” the world” and you were also a tortured soul and a troubled life with a tumultuous childhood.

You were the very “Man in the Mirror” who chased after a “Childhood” you never had. You craved to be Peter Pan, and clamored to be a child forever on Neverland.

You were extraordinary. You were enchanting, exciting, entertaining and enamoring and you were also notoriously eccentric and erratic.

You were the world’s greatest pop icon, and an inspiration to countless – and sadly you were also accused of ignoble deeds such as being a child predator and “dangerous” to the young.

You dared us to look at the “Man in the Mirror” – and you would also literally deface and deform what you saw in the mirror, with three decades of plastic surgeries.

You sang “We are the World”. You moonwalked all over the earth. But often you waked alone – like a lonely lost comet spinning out of control, a sullen solitary sorry sight.

You wanted to “heal the world” – you, a “wounded orphan”, a masked man with a “washed-out dream” and a weary worn-out soul of make-believe marriages, a King of pop finding peace in painkillers.

You were so free and yet so “addicted” to the adulation and adoration of your fans which in the end annihilated you. You were alienated from a normal life, a man of undisputed fame made to look like a freak.

You were a “beautiful boy” who tried so hard to bounce back and to “beat it” when you realized you were near-barren of creativity and bankruptcy. You were a blessed soul who died of a broken heart.

You were a superstar scarred. You were a very human hero – frail and flawed – and yet, the finest and “simply the greatest entertainer that ever lived”.

You were tainted talent with transcendent creativity – musical magnificence of immeasurable magnitude. Goodbye Michael Joseph Jackson. May God grant you peace.

We will remember you -- a man who made HIStory.

Enu Workout

Doggy Workout!

Things to say & not to say during sex

Image here...

Doesn't take a genius to know that saying Heil Hitler is a bad idea and mileage may vary.



101 Muppets of Sesame Street

Sesame Street Rocks ....even now.

Move cursor over each character for fun facts.

101 Muppets of Sesame Street | National Post

15 Useful iPhone hacks


The birthday 'pizza' that Arul didn't eat

On his very first attempt, the soon father-to-be, chef wannabe, made a delightfully delicious pizza as a birthday gift for Arul (who was unable to attend the function). The rest of us, had a fabulous time, savouring the mouth-watering dish. I'll try to upload the video in youtube soon.

Check out the pics:

Yakiniku time

Wagyu beef  melts like butter in your mouth and I wonder why my cholesterol is high.

VLC hits version 1.0

I have been using VLC since it's beta versions so seeing it hit 1.0 is awesome.
The player that plays it all.

Too much,too soon

I am still eagerly waiting to see the food consumed during my birthday "celebration" without my presence.Anyway, while sitting in Penang Airport Lounge I couldn't help but notice the heaps of messages from the "pembodeks" congratulating Najip on his 100days as PM.I think we should all congratulate him when he delivers what he promised.
  1.     The prevention of crime;
  2.     The fight against corruption;
  3.     Access to quality education;
  4.     The improvement of the living standards for the lower income group;
  5.     Improvement of rural infrastructure;
  6.     Improvement of public transportation.
I don't know, seems to me he should making surprise visits within the Government agencies to improve efficiency rather than "meet" the people and have drinks with students.Looks like a staged BN walkabout to me.


Message from Symantec


Firefox add-ons in real life

educational video sharing

MJ's ghost seen!

MICHAEL Jackson fans are in a frenzy over a possible sighting of the star's GHOST at Neverland.

Apparently, my friend's laptop is also haunted by MJ's ghost. For no apparent reason, it will keep on playing "You are not alone" when he doesn't even have that song in his laptop... even when no application is running in the background. I've checked out the laptop when it's playing, I've checked the task list and I haven't got a clue where it came from. Probably, some prankster that put in a virus in his machine. ???

Bruno at the urinals

Saw this poster and "Bruno" in the urinals at the cinema.While the whole world has watched "Transformers", Daphne & me had to sneak out on a secret rendezvous to catch it.In Jake's words, it was worth it.
BTW, was in Penang then Ipoh the whole of last week and heading there again tomorrow.May just fly down to KL if possible.