Religious Competition - What is there to be proud of?

This ‘we won’ and ‘we were right all along’ is not only a Muslim obsession but also an obsession of all religions. So before you take this as a cue to start your Islam-bashing please note that the word ‘Islam’ can be replaced with the word ‘Christianity’, ‘Hinduism’ or whatever. No religion is exempted from this ‘competitive spirit’ and the obsession to ‘prove itself’ by the converts it attracts -- and the higher the profile of the convert the higher your win and the stronger your message of being ‘right’.

Now that's a real SIDECAR on a bike

Snaefell Bike Features A Literal Sidecar

Michael Jackson patented a gadget to perform dance magic


I am intrigued by macro photography and since I do not have expensive accessories, it's still possible to pull it off. As usual, Luke's toys becomes the subject of my experimental photography. Another example was the capsicum Daphne was about to use for her pasta in the kitchen,so it's basically things around the house.

Macro Photography Tips for Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

Budget Airlines Explained

The MJ effect

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

We practiced the moves for 'The way you make me feel' for many hours and days for a performance. I'm sure Jake and Arul will remember when they look at the video.

Yes TP, I'll forever remember watching the MJ's concert in KL, at his prime, I might add. All I can say is that he was truly an iconic figure that influenced our lives when we were growing up. We tried to dance like him, dressed like him, adored his performances, we could mime the lyrics to his songs, if that doesn't make us his fans, I don't know what would.

Anyway, we will miss him. God bless his soul.

It's a.....

Its a BOY :) Another 4 months to continue to keep us in your prayers!!

The "real" Transformers


Using parts I found while cleaning out the kids toy chest I discovered the  new decepticon,presenting "Transvestite" . So creepy that Faye was terrified of my "frankencreation", although both Luke and me found it very amusing.

Evolution of a Photographer

The Incredible Human Journey

After watching  the first of the five part series, now I am hooked.Am not sure if this is on tv now but the torrents are out there.The presenter is a little annoying at times  but you would appreciate the research that has gone into making this documentary.

Update: Have seen all the five parts and it was great & insightful.Basically we are all Africans and while we look different we are closer than you think.

How did we get here? Following a trail of clues from the latest
scientific research, Dr Alice Roberts re-traces the greatest ever
journey taken by our ancestors. Thousands of years ago one small group
of our species, Homo sapiens, crossed out of Africa and into the
unknown. Their descendants faced baking deserts, sweat-soaked jungles
and frozen wildernesses and risked everything on the vast empty ocean.

Within 60,000 years they colonised the whole world... How did they do
it? Why do we, their descendants all look so different? And what did we
have that meant we were the only human species to survive?

Using the evidence from genetics, fossils, archaeology and climatology,
Dr Alice Roberts uncovers five epic routes our ancestors took across
the globe and the obstacles and brutal challenges they encountered
along the way. It reveals how our family tree grew and spread out
across the world, producing all the variety we see in the human species
today - but despite all that diversity, Alice reveals how astonishingly
closely related we all are.


Obama have BlackBerry, I have BlockBerry!

Luke turns 4

After meal entertainment was a Chinese song by Luke and a dance routine by Faye.I know this will sound cheesy but surely all parents will the song goes "these are the moments I thank God I'm alive".

Morro the Free Microsoft Anti-Virus

Finally! Although, only time will tell if it's any good.Read more here

Allah melihat apa anda buat

Click on  image for a clearer picture as it was taken with a handphone camera. I saw this car sun screen that said "Allah melihat apa anda buat" in Melaka.I  presume it hinders people from breaking in or encourages them depending on their beliefs.I also hoped that they would have such themed posters on the wall of government offices.

You can't say this is rubbish


First I was astonished to find a DPM who did not know certain key factors about the Malaysian education system.Don't this guy have or had school going kids?Next as I expected ,the masses to panic when English is suggested to be made a "must pass" subject.Mind you that it's "must pass" not the "cangkul" or 7 for BM that will cause you to get Grade 3 in my days.

The jokers have 27 lines for people to call in to express their views on this.27 Lines!!!!
Many object to making English a ‘must pass’ SPM subject


Traffic Fines- New rates?

I received an e-mail from a thoughtful friend regarding the change in traffic fines in Malaysia.Can someone direct me to a a posting on the official website as some of my "kiasu" friends doubt it.

Windows 7

In all fairness, I have used Vista and while i agree that at times it can feel a little bloated, the OS works fine if you can get past all the annoyance like UAC and such. I have been using Windows 7 since the beta was out and I must say that it feels zippy like XP and still is pleasant on the eyes.Although, I must admit that I am a little more excited to try out Apple's Snow Leopard when it gets out.

Best Windows Ever?