If you are an Indian in Malaysia...read this


The 1 Malaysia in reality
But a rich Malay house-buyer gets special preference because he is Malay while a poor Indian sleeps in a rented slum-house because he is Indian. Is this fair?

The Last Photograph

Michio Hoshino, a photographer known for his pictures of bears and other wildlife, was mauled to death by a brown bear on the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia. He was in his mid-40?s and lived in Fairbanks, Alaska. This is the last photo he took.

Michio Hoshino, a photographer known for his pictures of bears and other wildlife, was mauled to death by a brown bear on the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia. He was in his mid-40?s and lived in Fairbanks, Alaska.

This is the last photo he took.

Growing Old


If you greet me with a "What's Up?" you probably will get a response like "My Cholesterol". A recent full medical made me realize that I ought to eat a little less fried food and exercise a little more.


That's a picture of my pills Jake.Yesterday,Daphne had her results from her medical and the woman is as healthy as a horse.Not fair judging from the way she can finish up half a plate of butter prawns and a tub of "kerang".Anyway, as for the working out part,I have made it a point to jog at least twice a week and when we bring the kids to the park,playing catch with Luke gives me a brutal work out.

The thing I fear the most is something like a stroke that will make me bed ridden because every other Chinese person who sees my big ears have mentioned that I will have a long life and it'll be most tragic to live a long life being half dead.When I told my wife this she said that she'll get a maid to look after me.I joked back by asking for a sexy maid to wipe my "drool" and knew immediately from the look she gave me that I will suffer greatly when such a time comes.You'd know my pain from my rapid blinks.

I bought a whole bag of oats to be eaten as breakfast but it's still sitting there, and as you know, I don't eat breakfast except for a cup of coffee in the morning.
Well, we are growing old .....rapidly...but by the grace of God and a little effort on our part we can live long enough to see our kids have kids and I think that's about the best one can get while traveling through this life.

Bob Dylan

If you are a fan like me , this interview is a rare gem.BTW, Dylan is a great artist as well.My complete collection of Dylan plus his recent "Modern Times" & latest "Together Through Life" album is always in the car stereo...when I am driving alone as Daphne refers to him as the guy who sounds like a frog.


Bob Dylan's Art

Baby Van Gogh

Ever since, Christopher introduced to us (long ago) when Daniel was young-about the baby Einstein series, the kids have been watching some of the episodes(on and off) despite the programme ratings stating its for kids below the age of 2. Yes my kids are now 6 and 4, with Alyssa only coming to 5 months.

Anyway, Van Gogh is one of their favourites and I believe the colours and paints speaks for itself - yes they love the activity and for a number of occasions hand painting was on our programme for the kiddos. One fine day (quite recent), I decided to let them have some fun on the wall and yes a tin of paint was purchased and trust me you wouldn't want them painting your house as contractors but if a good time you want them to have then - let their imagination run. Kids as parents we know, just love doing stuff like this but as Arul and I shared over the short phone conversation we had yesterday - it won't last long - i mean what's on their mind and what they wanna do. So if they wanna do something healthy - do it with them coz tomorrow the moment may have vanished and its gone forever. I remember how I longed for my dad to visit me when I was in SFI standard 1. And when he came during recess time to buy me food and just to spend time with me was such a moment - "yes my daddy came" and for me to remember this (which took place 30 years ago) proves that simple things we do with the kids does a lot to their emotional growth as a person

I remember blogging about Daniel and Marissa before came Alyssa....many moons back about his (Daniel's) favourite weekend activity - yes "crossing the green man" as he terms it, we know it as the pedestrian crossing (thoughts of Jake crossing comes to mind...hee hee). He would actually request that we cross and I actually spent a substantial amount of time on that. Today that moment is gone - he no longer ask for it but it I know that in his memory and of course mine, he will remember this one day when he his older.

Guess enough said and shared coz I know we all understand this and how important a child's plea or request can change his/her outlook on life. Kids - they don't only say or do the darnest things but in spending the time we have with them let us remember they have a lot to teach us esp when we realise "insides' like this.

Siah...good to have spent time with my godson yesterday - he may not speak well but he is smart. He know knows his emotions and us going home yesterday was proof of that. Thanks for the corned beef special - our old stapled diet back at the 108A hse. Good stuff...had it for tea and dinner.

Mr Jacob - just to let you know that the "packaged had been delivered" - yes Catherine's stuff from Arul. I told Arul about your suggestion - we ALL should all take just one day leave and go back to Malacca so we can all meet, to add a bit more to that, Arul's new place would be a good place too as it is away from all our other responsibilities....food for thought.

Have a good week guys!

DIY Cardboard Laptop Stand

One memorable ride


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Club Med Cherating

Club Med Cherating is a great place for the family especially people with young kids.I was impressed enough to tell Daphne that we can have one Club Med holiday every year with the condition I still have a job given the state of the economy.As we swam in the swimming pool and the sea, my parents in-law were doing the back stroke in the free flowing booze.I have posted some pics of the kids having fun on Facebook.