Child's Play

We ensure our kids get to explore the outdoors a lot and with the numerous sprawling excellent parks in Singapore we always have places to go. This picture of Luke spending a long time just digging holes in the ground was taken a day after Daphne refused to give in to my suggestion of getting a Nintendo Wii. If it's something that will make them not want to go outdoors then she was not buying it.Well, all a kid needs to have fun most times is the simplest of things.
The lesson I learned from this..... next time just buy the Wii first then inform later.Ohh, I am just kidding!Am I?

72 attempts

Marley & Me

Think I posted about the book some years back and I guess people who are no big fans of reading can catch the movie now. Watch it, ...really good IMHO.

Good TV

One of my favourite talk show is Real time With Bill Maher and the latest episode had Mos Def & Salman Rushdie on the panel. Mos Def stole the limelight from even Bill the host himself.

I wait for the day when we can sit down and discuss about things going on in our own country like this.Nahh...I'd be 6 foot under before that happens.


Things You Never Knew had Names

Cakeround: Things You Never Knew had Names

24. PURLICUE - The space between the thumb and extended forefinger.

Terence theory for size of your member now has a name.

Awesome wallpapers

PC Phone Home...beep..beep

The easiest method would be to do this.
"If this happens, stop surfing, close your email software (e.g. Outlook) and try and open Task Manager by pressing the CTRL, ALT and Delete keys at the same time then selecting Task Manager," the company wrote on its blog recently. "When Task manager opens click on the Network tab and see if your PC is using the internet network connection, if it shows more than a few percent usage then this could be further evidence of something using your internet connection without your knowledge."

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When Arul Never Wore Shorts - Part 1

Flipping thru the albums really puts a smile on your face and Arul I must say that we all had some weird traits, for you it was hard to lose the long pants...yes you even slept in them...this one is a classic, playing football during a leadership camp I believe. The picture after that ...many moons later dipicts Arul as a covert and he now wears shorts regulary....we have exorcise the demon! The the difference in the pix is that Jake balled, Chris is bald So macha that just leaves u and me.

Anyway, Arul FYI Jake & Jessie, Chris & Cath & Fly was over at my place on Sunday (The Gathering of the Godparents lah). Thanks for coming over guys. I know time flew but we had some fun and I really hope the kids had some too as its not so often we get to behave like kids!! Wait a minute is that the HOLY BOYZ in action?

Of Godfathers & Friends

Arul these will be some of the pix I will e mail you for the Blog. BTW if I have not mentioned it, I really like this new layout. I mean I know black is your favourite colour and all but this is just more appealing to the masses.

Anyway a stroll down memory lane with the following pix....

The Godfather Part 1

The Godfather Part 2

The Godfather Part 3