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Mascarita Dorada: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Audiobook Free Download

I think Chris or Jake introduced this book to me and probably I read it like 4 times.Listening to it in the car seems like reading it all over again.Excellent stuff and now it's a free download but if you live in the US, so you know what you need to do when filling out the form.

Free Audiobook Download

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen R. Covey

I have a malay mindset it seems

I see a site that claim to advocate & promote Ubuntu among Malaysians, then seeing the author was trying to sell tutorials & softwares for installing OSX into a PC he plagarised from the web for a fee of RM39 I left a comment on his site.Below is my comment and you can see original here.



I am not against OSX being hacked into a PC but am against the fact
you are trying to make a profit out of info found easily from OSX86
project & insanelymac forum.

Don't get swayed & sidetracked ...stick to your goal of bringing Ubuntu to the masses.

The author's response:

hello arul..
ko nak tau x apa masalah sbenar ko?
ko sbenarnya
dengki hingga menutup segenap ruang rasional dalam mentaliti ko..kalo
aku guna teori ko, apa maknanya berlambak buku samada ebook atau buku
kat kedai buku yang tulis maklumat yg dengan senangnya boleh ditemui di
ko ni mmg melayu la..ckp je omputih tapi minda melayu membungkus..

As you can see, e-book and books in the shop were written by different authors at least according to him.I think (because I don't understand this malay jibberish & lingo talk) he feels I am jealous of his wonderful business sense.
Anyway, was not suprised when this same blog was trying to implicate that Microsoft is "Yahudi" and should be banned or something because I can see where this sort of thinking or mentality stems from and how wrong was I to think that most people would have a much broader mind.

One more thing, while they are at it, stop wearing Levi's cause that name is as Jew as it gets and stop using Mac's & Google as well.

President Barack Obama

Luke's 1st week in school

Luke's 1st week went better than we expected at The Living Sanctuary Kindergarten.He's the only non-Chinese kid in the school , well almost if you know what I mean.The kindergarten is not a Chinese Kindergarten but so far his homework (yes..homework) are all in Chinese. You should see the funny way he pronounces those mandarin words when his mom reads to him. He thinks those chinese characters are actually pictures for you to colour on at this stage.
The kids start off class by singing songs and this includes some hymns here and there(I consider this as brain-washing also although my wife thinks otherwise).Monday is water day so they get to play in the water and how I wish they had a Mud day where the kids can play in the mud like we did.Imagine, they will never know what it's like to catch fish in the paddy fields and you can strike off other things like building a tree house,climbing huge trees,killing cats and digging for tapioca in the cemetery. Okay, I know some of you are still puzzled by that but some of you know exactly what I mean.
Kids grow up so fast and as a parent I am tempted to "grab his hand and colour inside the lines" but soon realise that some things should not be rushed and in my eyes, these are masterpieces to be framed.

Found It - Arul's First Wallet

Glad to have captured the moment during our hay days! This is the man who insisted that the wallet was not necessary and had cash literally all over! Sounds like a rich man!? Hee!

Pics from the 2009 Dakar Rally

Awesome pics from the Dakar Rally 2009.Sadly, they had to change the venue , thanks to those freakin terrorists.My personal favorite ...pic number 20. 

The 2009 Dakar Rally - The Big Picture

What sucks your laptop battery most?

On other news, have been giving Windows 7 a spin on a separate partition and am actually impressed by it.

Christmas 08

Each Christmas passes quickly, so quick in fact that even before you know it its gone again. This year was special in its own way, for those who have kids - the kids are bigger, we managed to hang out at Madras Cafe for an hour or so (Arul, Jake and Suresh) it was good to catch up with our lives all within 2 teh tariks and 1 roti canai each - Chris/Ah Heng and fly- we missed you this Christmas but 09 make sure lu balik. The trip to Un.Viv's (see la - still using the man's name) - meaning legend status already....anyways as usual Adrian did a fantastic job on the deco and yes Un. Vivian legacy lives on in the little cosy home in Taman Sinn where we shared and learnt a lot, and fellowship the kristang way. And yes Chris if you were wondering - the tosai (panas panas one @ Arul place we had was a bomb) even gwen ate them. Ironically, our chit chat outside Arul's house was the pinnacle of our visit, similar to Jake's place too as we manage to find the time to share and laugh in the little time we had. Also at Jake's place - macha I must say the food was fantastic - dalcha, mutton & chicken varavel, wild bore, you name it we had it la. Thanks guys for making a point to spend dinner with my family on Christmas day - yes we all laughed hard until perut sakit ...Jake almost threw out. Overall, Christmas with family and friends, I believe was the key to all our fun and laughter for without these two, it would be hard to imagine how life would be! So guys thank you all for being my family and friends! If we look back we do go back a long way.

The Name - ALBERT!

Was having dinner with good friends Jake and Jessie last night as gwen's absence (meaning no food for dinner) and as usual we started speaking about nicknames and Jake refreshed my memories about his home name - Albert or BERT as some of us know him as. But this takes the cake coz Nikson Sebastian actually saved Jake's tel number as Albert and how that was known has to be told by Jacob himself!

Also among our conversation was the Malaysian-Singaporean Arul...hee! Don't know how come we spoke about wallets and Jake reminded me again that there was once a man who refused to use a wallet until we bought him one - which reminds me...I have that picture of the first RM50 (if i remember correctly) going into the wallet....must go find!

Okay - if we remember more nicknames pls coment about them - I remember Loh Tai Hai's one vividly...not to mentioned Ah Heng for Chris.

Health Fads

12 Health Fads That Never Made It

Oxygenated water’ claimed to detoxify blood, enhance sports performance, and improve heart and muscle functions. Obviously, it became a craze among sportspersons.

      FACT: But a study reported in JAMA (2003; 290:2408-2409) showed that a single breath of air contained more oxygen than a bottle of oxygenated water. Just taking a deep breath was found to be better.

MSI Wind OSX Wireless Drivers

So, others released the drivers "accidentally" while Ralink is making it available. Check the back of your netbook, and if it's the RT2700E Ralink card, download the RT2860 driver and it will work.Remember to set the profile on the Ralink utility dialog box to ensure automatic connection.

Ralink Technology: Macintosh

Who is aXXo?

Scene stealer: The aXXo files - Features, Films - The Independent

If you already know his name, chances are you've been doing something illegal.

Some Pix Alyssa Scully

Guys...glad to share the news with ALL of you yesterday and found some time to post some pix of our new daughter - Alyssa. As usual Dr Vishnu was right again. He told us on our first visit to be prepared frm the 2nd onwards!

Amazing Jump

Robbie Madison's Amazing Record Jump - Watch more free videos