Proud 'Not-on-paper Godparents' to Ethan

One More Christmas To Remember - 2009

Yup its another Christmas. Kids are bigger, we are older and wiser....! Arul sad you had to go back so soon, Chris you too, we missed you at out tea tarik session. Jake this year you kencing us but for very valid reasons. All said and done it was another eventful Christmas, Arul is Godfather of the year...(but no on paper lah), Suresh still going strong with the MC services, father bala forgot to say the I believe at Christmas Mass, Didn't get scolding from Father John, Rena made an appearance with hubby Ian and we laughed a lot at my usual dinner....thanks to all who came....the kids made the place alive and noisy. Hope to post more pix when its all downloaded. Siah you should have some good ones and Arul, never leave home without your cam. Sometime we wish days like these would last longer but soon it'll be back to reality and looking back at days like this will always keep me going. Thanks guys for the friendship and support.

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The weekly PEA meeting


This movie is great on so many levels that one need to watch it to understand.There are only a handful of movies that make me have sleepless nights.Contact and Dead Man Walking was two of them. Passion of Christ goes without saying and in recent times it's "The Blind Side" and "Avatar" .

The Blind Side

If you have the time watch this....I personally loved it and Sandra Bullock is awesome in it.

Cap that Mac

I’m sorry but we blew up your laptop (welcome to Israel) « Lilysussman’s Blog

I personally like one commenter who left "England gave Israel to the Jews not God".

Clever Crow

The Crow & the Pitcher is not just a story but check this out.

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Clever crow opts for three tools

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Dragon Dictation for cracked iPhone outside US

Impulse Purchase

I have a 7 days cool off period to curb any impulse buying. It has saved me a lot of money because I really do not need most of the crap I end up getting.Recently, I was very tempted and almost clicked on that BUY icon for an iMac. Turns out the 27" iMac has some serious graphics issue. To be fair, the iMac was something that I have been contemplating more than 7 days and will be something high on my list once the issues are resolved. For now, my 24" HD Dell monitor as an external monitor for my Hackintosh MSI U100 would have to do.

Punjabi Jingle Bells

Punjabi jingle bell

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (indian version)

Healthy Competition

I remember Terence was telling me the awful deal maxis was offering with an iPhone. Well, the Singtel monopoly ended this week with another 2 carriers offering the iPhone. The best bit for Singtel subscribers like me is that they bumped up my data plan to 12GB without any additional charge.
Singapore Picks Up More iPhone Carriers | Mac|Life

Midas and his master after a decade