MSI Wind is best netbook to run OSX


I think I have covered my tinkering with a Hackintosh in the past on my IBM  but it looks like MSI Wind is a better candidate for a cheap netbook running Leopard.


President Obama

I like this pic of a young Obama back in the days.The term "Cool Cat", "Player ...."Pimp" comes to mind.

Singing the praises of Songbird 1.0

I have crowed about Songbird before but with the new 1.0 release it's better than ever.I use it on my Mac OSX as seen on this image,Linux and Windows. Yes, it guzzles a little memory but it's worth it IMHO.

Easeus Free Partition Manager

Bush has reflex of a cat

Seriously, this is not how you should treat anyone for that matter.Not cool shoe throwing


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and if you are Indian or have been to India it will make it that much more hilarious.Like the part where the word "rubber" means eraser for us and condoms for Americans.Think the movie is on HBO now and if you are looking for it on the net, specify that it's Outsourced The movie and make sure you don't end up with the Russell Peters stand up comedy file.
It reminded me of having to explain to my American colleague in the US that their way of pronouncing "OrangUtan" and "Pariah" was hilarious to me.

2008 International Photography Contest Winners

Here's s shot I wished I could capture when in Paris.Link below.
2008 International Photography Contest

Apple's new 3D patent


Has to be the funniest & weirdest Craigslist posting

Christmas Gift like no other

I stole this pic from Chris' Facebook pics and it shows our friend, (a very experienced daddy by now) burping Christian the  new addition to the family.
Congratulations to the Siah's!Next up the Scullies....

Brilliant t-shirt design ideas

These t-shirt designs are simply awesome.From Ronald enjoying a pizza in a disguise to the one with the clown fish throwing a pie, every one of them is simply brilliant. Tee Designs on the Behance Network

Sexy Chick

Timeline of a Coffee Drinker

If you are a coffee drinker, you'd love both the illustrations on the napkin and the descriptions.Unlike westerners, I hate all that gourmet and over priced Starbucks coffee.Give me the local brew or at least Nescafe anytime.
As for tea...give me The Klebang brew by Terence anytime.

Coffee - Abstract City –

Terrorism that's personal

Terrorism That’s Personal -

Leaves you speechless the violence that women have to endure in the hands of evil men.

"This month in Afghanistan, men on motorcycles threw acid on a group of girls who dared to attend school. One of the girls, a 17-year-old named Shamsia, told reporters from her hospital bed: “I will go to my school even if they kill me. My message for the enemies is that if they do this 100 times, I am still going to continue my studies.”

20 most dangerous places in the world

Yup, India is one of them and speaking from experience, the villages in India are a beautiful and peaceful place.

In pictures: world's most dangerous places