Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex launched

I know I am not suppose to post anything on Linux but pls make an exception this time. Ubuntu 8.10 was launched today.I have been using the test versions for quite a while now and can safely say that it's simply fantastic.You can install within Windows and uninstalling is a breeze if you don't like it.
I use XP,Vista,and OSX Leopard but Ubuntu is my main OS of choice cause it's secure,customizable and most importatntly it's an absolutely great OS that's free.

Get Ubuntu 8.10


Hushie MP3 Search

let's you save the tracks...sweet.

Wild Teachers

1. Singapore teacher in mini bikini

2. German teacher strips for students

Sadly during our days , we only had "refrigerators" and ...

5 More Friends

Eee Box

I jumped on the Asus EeePc UMPC once it was launched and so far have installed about 4 different OS on it and finally going back to XP that is easy for my parents in-law to navigate.Hooked up to a LCD monitor it's on 24/7 and so far has been rock solid.
The EeeBox mounted on the back of a 24" monitor  would be nice as a minimal, uncluttered, importantly cheap desktop computer.

Candidates as Trains

Saw this pic on  DailyKos where the US presidential candidates are depicted as trains.I added on etc to make it a little more local.Ask my son Luke and he'd tell you that in the island of Sodor there's only one engine who is selfish,arrogant and tries to crush everyone for his personal gain.Diesel 10.
BTW, did you guys see the Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric? Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live is having a field day with it.Now that's entertainment!

Mass for Dogs

Been here in Manila the past week and went for mass today here at the church in Alabang,Manila.It was "Dog day Out" ,.. mass and blessings for all canines in the spirit of St Francis of Asisi.The mass went along as it has been for years and the dogs behaved as they have been for years too...some relaxing,barking, smelling each others ass and at times licking their own private parts.Sadly some "smart" owners intending to turn their canine friends into human babies made it that much harder for the dog to lick their own privates because the dog had diapers and pants.

It's not that having a pedigree is wrong but in my opinion, the strays are just as adorable if not smarter and I wonder if some people have predigree dogs just as a status symbol.I think the two doctors TP blogged about are absolutely awesome individuals although I personally know someone who have been doing this since way back then.Terence, your dad is a great man and as I attended the mass I thanked God for creating dogs and said a special prayer for Uncle Scully.

A quest to save stray dogs

Guys... bumped into this article last week in The Star and I thought it worth a read esp in our country MALAYsia! Read on pls...if you can and lets continue or at least try to respect all of Gods' living creations. Cheers and have a good weekend!


PETALING JAYA: They may be from different backgrounds but their compassion for stray dogs has led them on a common quest.

Bursa Malaysia head of corporate communications Karina Bahrin, accountant Hanim Rahim, Dewan Bahasa editor Fatimah Zainal, Petronas corporate communications executive Sujatani Poosparajah as well as veterinarians Dr Gowri Singam and Dr Kavita Kaur will do anything to ensure that stray dogs are rescued and found homes.

Hanim, 41, who has been rescuing stray dogs for as long as he can remember, fosters them until he is able to find them good and loving homes.

“When I was a child, I used to bring home puppies that I found and we have always had dogs at home,” said Karina, 39, who, like Hanim, has been rescuing dogs.

Help save man’s best friend: Dr Gowri (with Irish, left) and Dr Kavita (with Agusta).

Fatimah, 55, finds it unbearable to see the suffering that stray dogs undergo.

“A large number of Malaysians lack empathy for strays and this is made worse by the term anjing liar (wild dog) used by local and municipal councils for them.”

She stressed that stray dogs were not wild but domesticated animals without owners.

She said the misconception among some Muslims that it was haram (forbidden) to touch dogs also made life difficult for strays.

“In Islam, it is okay to touch dogs if they are dry and you only need to samak (do ritual cleansing with soil and water) if they are wet or the dog’s saliva touches you,” said Fatimah.

For Sujatani, her desire to help strays took root when she was a little girl living in Kuala Selangor with her family.

“We lived in this rambling old house, which had a lot of space for us to shelter strays from being killed by dog shooters,” said Sujatani, who added that her parents had always encouraged the children to help animals in need.

The crucial point in her life was when her dog Brownie died a painful death after taking a bullet from a dog shooter.

“Since then, I have put in extra effort to save strays from being killed by dog catchers,” she added.

Currently, the strays they rescue are taken to the veterinary clinic in Ara Damansara managed by Dr Gowri and Dr Kavita for vaccination as well as spaying and neutering before being put up for adoption.

The rescuers happily bear the cost to prevent the animals from being put down.