Sports Day Cheers!

Sports Day For Kindies? That's what i thought until I attended Daniel's first sports day held at the indoor badminton hall grounds of the school. All I can say was on this day, everyone was a winner and that's because everyone had a GOLD medal. Now with Daniel being so taken up with the recent Olympics and all... this was a fun time for him esp getting a medal.

I must take off my hats to the teachers and all those who
made this happen coz a lot of work went into making this day a fun filled day for the kids of the Tadika Air Panas. I've attached some pix for viewing, one of which Daniel and Marissa takes a shot with Fr. Patrick Boudville .

Salty's song

You have no idea how much Luke loves this song which was on the VCD Catherine bought him.We've heard it so much that sometimes even I am singing it.You should listen to Luke's version cause it's hilarious.

BTW, do share other media you have found for your kids...I mean not the usual Pixar,Wiggles or Disney stuff here.Luke loves "Tortoise vs Hare" from the Unstable Fables series.

On other news:
I am very sure my Malay neighbour in Singapore hates Luke &  me, because 2 days ago he yelled out "Oh no, it's a ghost" upon seeing her in a tudung & baju kurung. On another occasion called her "nenek"....she is twenty plus only.Both times, he was with now the lady don't even want to talk to me and you have no idea how embarrased I was.

I am a PC ad rocks

So, the new MS ad was made on a mac but seriously, just when MS makes an ad that I find really nice, the "cool" folks on a mac just have to try and bury it. I use Linux mostly but must admit that I like the Microsoft ad very much.Seriously, does not matter what OS you use, as long you are happy with it and can get work done.........or not by surfing the net.


A little messy

Tainted white rabbit

Singapore finds candy tainted too... and all I can say is that if anyone harms children  in the process of making money or exploit them....should be shot in the knee...from behind so that the knee cap falls off. (I borrowed that from one of my sadistic friend living in Cambodia)

Windows Login

My Asus Eeepc hooked up to a monitor is used by my in-laws to surf the net.I decided to remove the login window so that they can access the desktop quickly without typing the password each time on those tiny keyboard.If you have a Windows machine that do not require high security, remove those pesky login windows.

1. Type control userpasswords2 in the Start, Run box for XP or Start in Vista.
2. Uncheck the users must enter blah..blah..blah
3. May require entering password one last time for verification.


The fact that I work in 3 different OS and still can keep all my data in sync makes me think Dropbox is simply brilliant.

Dropbox - Home - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy

BTW, the economy looks bleak but life in general should not be.

High Price

Security for lying power hungry, greedy politicians or the people?

Free RPK!

We pray for RPK, that he may be released and returned to his family. 

In solidarity with RPK, our muslim friends and for peace in our beloved country, Malaysia: Monday, 15 September 2008, will be a day of fast and abstinence for me. 

You are most welcome to join in.

Fun In The Sun - Finally

After a slow start for the kids in Langkawi, finally we were greeted by the morning sun and after an early lunch we headed for the pool immediatedly.

From 12 to 530pm, the kids swam and played at the beach like they never did (thats true la) coz we never ever did this time ...ever. So it was a day of fun in the sun for them and Gwen and I was pleased Daniel and Marissa had their share of fun. Either way the whole purpose of this trip was for them anyway.

So we we head back to KL tomorrow and reality should sink in for the kids when we reach home. Chris...hope to see you guys at the weekend and Arul...hope your trip to KL was an encounter without the extraordinary jams. Cheers!

Day 1 & 2 in Langkawi

Guys esp Arul really sorry for the long absence from posting an article. Well since we as in the family are in Langkawi and the kids has just fallen a sleep.....better take this chance to post some brief moments of what's been happening in Mashuri Island! The flight was all good except for the "kopi o" lesen pilot who landed badly and never bothered to greet and brief the passengers while we were on air - so called Datuk lah! Looks like everywhere you turn now, there seems to be a Datuk! After all you only need a silver medal!!

Anyway upon touch down we rented a car and was on our way to buy some groceries and then took a half hour drive to the top end of Langkawi. As the distance to the hotel became shorter, the road became narrower and the jungle also became more apparent. So I knew we were going to spend our time really away from town and with nature. Monkeys were spotted along the way and friendly animals signs telling us to watch out for "wildlife crossing" impressed me except for the solitary "Golf buggy Crossing"

Turing into the hotel entrance greeted us with a surprised as the road was closed due to a fallen tree and it was in the process of being cleared. So we took the alternate way in. As Luke would say spooky, so it was a little as we had to pass a narrow and I would say jungle route. Kids got excited as usual and immediately cited one of their little einstein adventures.

The Andaman Hotel I must say is located amidst our 50 million year old rain forest is really a get-away as the hotel is literally built in such a way you know that the trees and wildlife is preserved while this building was constructed. Guess one would understand when experienced. Being to Langkawi on a couple of occasions, I never realise a resort such as this would practice such preservation but guess I was wrong.

So the kids took their "Michael Phelps" skills to the pool immediately and since our wheater has been rather unpredictable off late, it had already begun to rain days before we came here and hence the water was ice cold and on that same night were were treated to a rain forest rain. Cold, you bet! No air-conditioned was needed and the air was refreshing compared to what you get living in the city

Sounds of the bigs waves (being the Andaman Sea side of the beach) kept me hearing a constant bomb-like sound throughout the night as the waves continued to hit the shores of our hotel. Of course I slept to that tune la.
As the rain continued into the morning and we headed to the Kids Club. Outside activities came to a halt - sadly as it was our intention to let the kids go wild today. Nevertheless we headed to town and did some shopping and eating as food at the hotel is really expensive - RM44 for a nasi goreng kampung. Well got to eat to live right?

By the time we were back it was too cold for pool action and we headed to the beach as usual for some sand castle constructing. Daniel and Marissa loves the bath tub and since we don't have one at home, the one at the hotel has been fully utilised since yesterday. Hope and pray the sun will shine will be out tomorrow for the benefit of the kids!

Google Chrome Joke

If you have used Chrome,you'll get the joke and it's hilarious.BTW, type ":%" without quotes to see Chrome crash.Yet,I'd say it's fast and I like it but for now am sticking with Firefox that runs on my Linux & Mac machines. - Chrome

Another reason why I think Obama is the man

Daily Kos: Obama: 'Back Off' [update w/audio & DIGG Link]
"I have said before and I will repeat again: People's families are off limits," Obama said. "And people's children are especially off-limits. This shouldn't be part of politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin's performance as a governor and/or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and how a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be a topic of our politics."

Google Chrome

 Google enters the browser war by starting from scratch.I must say that I love the cartoons and knowing Google I can't wait to try it out just like waiting for the Android phone.Best thing about source all the way baby!


Everything about a website

Divine Mission

Martin Jalleh: Home Minister very at home with his ignorance
Contrary to the narrow and na├»ve definition of religion by Syed Hamid, the Catholic Church teaches that her religion must go beyond the realm of rites, rubrics and rituals and be one that seeks to respond radically to her “divine mission”.