Methods of accessing a blocked site

Alright then,the flip flop continues and in a move that basically puts us in the same boat as "Red China" our govt did what it said it would not do and so far they have been consistent about being not consistent.Anyway, it's not like they can truly censor the internet cause that's a little tough these days.Because there is the and their tools like ultrasurf...

2.Proxy sites like

3.Web2Mail, receive webpages as e-mail

4.and my personal favourite OperaTor that uses the onion network.


Paper craft CCTV

Build your own paper craft CCTV.Extend the one nation under CCTV term to your very home.

Nude CCTV camera

This is MJ if he never had those surgery


Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but i'm gonna go down on you. And you're gonna love it...
But it's only going to be long enough to let you start enjoying it...
Then i'm gonna come back up again and screw you, big time...

Lots of love,
Fuel Prices

BTW, Anwar's victory basically says that the people think BN is full of "najis kerbau".

Take the bamboo man..take it.

The Fifth Element

As a Futurama fan, i totally dig this.

'I'm going to die on Monday at 6.15pm'

When Marc Weide's mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she chose
euthanasia. Here, we publish his shockingly frank diary of her final

The Guardian

Spyware Detected Wallpaper

Recently a few of my colleagues were hit by some weird spyware that caused a bit of a panic in the office.I did not know about it and apparently the issue was solved after our IT dept re-formatted the hard drive and re-installed everything.

This morning another colleague was hit by the same thing and since the IT guys were busy, my boss asked me to attend to the problem.
The symptom was a wallpaper that says"Spyware detected or something" and a fake blue "blue screen of death" type screensaver.The "desktop" tab to set wallpaper was disabled too. Very creative indeed.

Anyway, like everyone else, re-formatting a hard drive should be the last option and so finally after trying for about half an hour I found Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (link below) to be the easiest solution to resolve this issue.If you have a similar problem, give it a try.Another great alternative is to use Linux.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.25


Stream live from your phone.I tried it and am surely impressed.With this probably we'd see interesting scandals..."QIK e",street protests, as it happens.

The set-up process is dead simple and in 2 mins I was watching whatever I point at with my nokia on the web...about 3 seconds delay.You can then embed on your site or download the video as .3gp or .flv format.Neat!

QIK | Streaming video right from your phone

10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions

10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions
10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions & for starters the woman who has 200 orgasms a day.


We all know the bad blood between these 2 countries and to the dismay of all Brazil fans out there, yesterday the Argies made "sambar" (a delicious South Indian dish) out of their Samba moves.As the 3rd goal went in , frustration and anger crept into the Brazilians which I don't blame cause they got a thrashing after not conceding any goals in Beijing before yesterday.The situation was "Messi" and "Jar Jar Binks" could not force out even a smile esp after the 2 red cards.I know Dunga's hair is always spiky but it was a little more than usual yesterday ...think he got the fright of his life.
Seriously, the Nigerians will be tough but ahhh... let's admit it my fellow Argentina fans esp Terence,Jake,Arnold & Chris.......putting 3 past the Sambar boys and making them shed tears .........Priceless!


Quicksilver has to be the best thing about using OSX on a mac and the alternative to it for Windows has to be


A perfect opening ceremony ...well almost except that Blue Screen Of Death brought to you by M$.

10 Simple ways to commit suicide

No, TP it's not that the pox has got to me cause I am fine and can't wait to carry and play with my kids.That has been the worst thing about being ill.I feel better, and even cleaned up the whole house today.Anyway, thanks guys for being there and doing little chores for me even.

10 Simple Ways To Commit Suicide